Democrat National Convention: Womanhood is a Disease

You can listen to Kathleen Sebelius lie about  Obamacare, and resell to the dems, something that the majority of Americans do not want.

The most important thing to take away from her speech is the view that WOMANHOOD is a PRE-EXISTING CONDITION.  A pre-existing condition is the insurance term for a DISEASE,  already present, which would not be covered under a new health insurance contract until a grace period had passed. HIPAA  regulations had pretty much removed contractual barrier to health care coverage.

The dem’s plan is focused on treating the biological characteristics of a woman as a disease.    The dems see childbearing as a thing which must be controlled and suppressed with drugs and sterilization for the purpose of cost containment.

See a clip of Sebelius’s speech at the DNC below.   Read the transcript of the speech HERE. 


Says Sebelius:  “Being a mother is no longer a liability, and being a woman is no longer a pre-existing condition! That’s what change looks like.”

Unmentioned is that the necessary cost containment which comes with treating womanhood as a disease, is that the government will have control over the expression of said characteristic.

As in China, there will be the need,  for top down administration of your reproductive life.  If the government pays for it, the government will dicatate it, just as it does with everything else it controls.

Obama is rapidly shedding female votes, as more and more of them ponder the prospect of Chinese-style health care for women.  His loss of support in recent polling is almost totally accounted for by the women who are changing their minds.

Don’t for get that Sebelius views woman-hood as a pre-existing condition, which the government must manage.

Freedom isn’t free.  If  reproductive autonomy is worth the price of heath care to you,  Obama is not your man.


NEVERMIND!! Dems Put God And Jerusalem Language Back Into The Platform

DNC Almighty Nightmare In Charlotte: Now Dems Put God And Jerusalem Language Back Into The Platform.  The Brody File.

Dems have changed their “minds” regarding their platform once again.  After huge backlash they have reinstated a mention of God to the language, and recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

Pharmer thinks they foresaw endless pain inflicted by the Republicans, as well as a severe loss of funding coming from the original decision and decided to recant.




Afraid of a Lightening Strike?

anxiety after removing God from democratic platform….

The Drudge Report provided us with a wonderful pic and headline, leaving us to amuse ourselves with the association between fear of lightening and removal of God from the democratic platform.

Obama is not smart enough to respect the Deity. The Daily Mail gives the real reason for moving Obama’s speech to a much smaller venue.. Even giving tickets away to the Obama speech won’t fill up the stadium in which it was originally planned to take place.