Breastmilk: How will Mayor Bloomberg Control the Quantity Babies Drink?

Pharmer was ROFL when she heard that Mayor Michael Bloomberg, the anti obesity NAZI who is controlling the size of sugary drinks in New York City, was going to encourage breast feeding. He’s got a plan called Latch On (named after what babies do to breasts to get milk). Starting in September his health department is going to track the formula bottles given out in hospitals. He wants lactation counseling for all the moms, and a medical reason to accompany each dispensing of a formula bottle to a baby.

Pharmer has news for Bloomberg. He can’t control how much babies get when they breastfeed. It’s likely he hasn’t realized this problem yet. Breast milk is produced on demand. The more a baby drinks the more the breasts produce. It could, given a dedicated stay-at-home mother, lead to Early Obesity. A mom on government assistance could do unlimited couch time, and feed tremendous amounts to her baby, without Michael Bloomberg being able to determine the quantity!!

This is gonna drive that obsessive compulsive mayor NUTZ!

Read more about Bloomberg’s unregulatable Latch On to Breasts of Plenty program Here:
Mayor Bloomberg's breast-feeding initiative urges hospitals to lock up baby formula |

Pharmacy Owners Prevail in Court Decision on Blagojevich Edict

Illinois Pharmacy Owners have emerged victorious after six years of litigation against  the state of  Illinois edict compelling them to dispense the morning after pill.

This comes shortly after the approval of a new morning after pill, Ella, which is an analog of RU486, mifepristone.

Francis J Manion of the ACLJ, and Mark Rienzi, of Catholic University’s Columbus School of Law  teamed up as counsel to the pharmacy owners.

Deposed Governor Blagojevich’s original order addressing individual pharmacists had previously been overturned.

Judge Belz  noted that the government had made no effort to advance it’s supposed interest in supplying morning after pills to women prior to April 2010, and had specifically targeted pharmacists of conscience and their religious beliefs.

Pharmacists for Life International has stored the original letter from Blagojevich which threatened pharmacists  with loss of their license to practice if they did not dispense the morning after pill and all other  hormonal birth control products and contraceptives upon demand.

The coverage in the Chicago Tribune is very brief, does not mention the newest morning after pill, and does not mention that the original order to the pharmacists was for them to dispense all drugs labeled as “contraceptives” though most are misbranded.  It does mention an expected  (hoped for) appeal to the case.


Military Hospitals Forced to Stock Morning After Pill

We’ve seen the opposition to the Tebow Superbowl ad, by the pro-aborts who have supported Obama throughout his career.  We know that the health and  self determination of women is not uppermost in the mind of this administration.  We’ve known for decades that “Choice” would become coercion, and that time is upon us now.

On the heels of the aborted attempt to punish military women who become pregnant, is this latest assault on the health of women as well as the conscience rights of health care providers.

Military hospitals will be forced to stock and dispense the Morning After Pill.

First, let it be understood that the Morning After Pills possess an interceptive mechanism to stop the early embryo from implanting. Those who claim otherwise are demonstrating that they don’t understand reproductive processes, and cannot be relied upon to provide competent gynecological care.   (Note that while the Plan B One-Step site admits to the embryocidal mechanisms, there is a postulation  that pregnancy starts after implantation, and this is for the purpose of deception.)

Next,  all of those who would object to embryonic stem cell research  should, for the exact  same reason, find the morning after pills to be an unacceptable form of contraception.

Third, let it be understood that the efficacy of the morning after pills is quite poor in actual use,  and is most closely comparable to the withdrawal method over time. The manufacturers have  ceased comparing the efficacy of either plan B product  to other contraceptive methods in the provider information leaflets .   Its ready availability and use is  NOT associated with a reduction in the demand  for surgical abortions.

Let anyone  whose consciences will be trampled by the latest edict of the Obama administration seek legal assistance quickly.     Health care professionals who are adversely affected by this decision can email  Pharmer .     The primary site for obtaining information and assistance has ALWAYS been  Pharmacists for Life International.

The future health and autonomy of women depends upon the continued ability of conscientious health care professionals to continue in their practices.   Without our presence,  women will lose their option to Choose Life.