Out of the Closet: Obama is the first gay president

Andrew Sullivan, blogger at Newsweek Magazine said it. ABC, Daily Mail and Drudge Report gave a preview of the cover of the May 21 issue.

Kevin DuJan, Editor of Hillbuzz tells us that Obama has been on the GAYDAR for a very long time.

From the Administration, Van Jones has been preparing us for the news.

The lamestream media likely will be telling us that Obama gets this credit from Newsweek magazine for his endorsement of gay marriage, and that it’s somewhat similar to Bill Clinton being called the first Black president.

Pharmer is betting that Kevin has been correct all along.

Kill Devil Hills: Aftermath of Irene

Pharmer sent a link to the Kill Devil Hills weather data, which was posted  here yesterday, to the Drudge Report. Coincidentally, the Drudge crew elected to link up an Irene aftermath story from…. yes, Kill Devil Hills, saying that less than expected damage had occurred.  Tropical storms  are known to be VERY WET.  Consistent with that fact, the  main damage from Irene  is from too much rain.

The media, with red faces, are still trying to tell us that Irene was a hurricane when it made landfall,  but as we can see from the rest of the wind graph at Kill Devil Hills……. it really was a Tropical Storm.  Even the wind GUSTS did not register at 50 mph, and sustained winds were well below that.


Obama might be kicking himself for ending the vacation early in order to “take command” of the disaster from the non-hurricane. Perhaps he can breathe a ginormous gust of hot air to dry the wetness left by Irene on the portion of the country to which he feels more attachment. (Those of us in flyover country have experienced his conspicuous detachment from our disasters.)
This video shows the desperate attempt at ABC News to make Obama seem relevant and connected to the management of response to Tropical Storm Irene. Note the pre-Irene footage from Kill Devil Hills.

Pharmer’s Computer Has No Virus Problems From Drudge Report

Pharmer has been surfing Drudge report for years, on the past computers and this one, which has looking at Matt’s site  since 2006.   No virus problems.  Pharmer thinks the claims made to senate Staffers about virus attacks coming from Drudge are bogus, and a reflection of the general incompetence on the hill.  Were there malware associated with ads,  free antivirus and antispyware  software should be enough to preserve computer functions.   How could such bumbling administrators, tripping over adware,  still have a job?

FOXNews.com – Senate Staffers Warned to Stay Clear of Drudge Report.

Pharmer, however, is not without malware  attacks coming from email, but which are well filtered, and have not taken down the computers yet.