Instructions from Carhart to Abortion Patients

Carhart instructed patients not to go to ER, falsified safety of late-term abortions.

Learn why Jennifer Morbelli, a LeRoy Carhart patient who died last week.  did not go to the emergency room until it was too late.  She was instructed that there would be coverage by the clinic staff in the event of an adverse event, and to call them instead of going to the ER.

Click the top link and see images of the instructions provided to Carhart’s abortion patients, which were fished out of his dumpster, along with other paperwork and waste which should not have been there.

An investigation is underway.

After Obama Busts Stericycle, Who Will Empty Abortion Clinic Dumpsters?

A major Pro-life News Media Clearinghouse, explains the Obama strategy to tie Romney to Stericycle, a company which disposes of medical waste, and carries away aborted humans from Planned Parenthood facilities. Stericycle services all sorts of health care institutions in addition to abortion clinics. They’ll dump anything.

It appears that Romney left Bain Capital before the controversial association with Stericycle’s abortion dumpstering, and Bain itself has subsequently dumped Stericycle.

Obama’s expose of Stericycle’s abortion association is likely to hurt that company far more than it hurts Romney. Who will take out Planned Parenthood’s “trash” now? Perhaps the Obama campaign should have thought of Planned Parenthood’s medical waste compliance issues before it decided to Bust Stericycle by driving off the legitimate portions of its business.

Obama 11th-Hour Attack on Romney May Involve False Abortion Story |

KMart Leads Sears to the Bottom of the Retail Heap

America’s Eight Worst-Performing Retail Chains |

Listed at the Blaze are America’s eight sinking retail chains, listed in order from least grim to most likely to go under:  JC Penney, The Gap, Foot Locker, Home Depot, Office Depot, Office Max, Dillards, and in the depths……at a five year, 23.5% drop in sales, and stock decrease of – 53% is K Mart/Sears.

The Blaze  article inaccurately suggests a merger between Sears and KMart, but in truth,  K Mart  became a holding company which bought Sears,…. then wrecked it.

Since the time K Mart acquired Sears, it has consistently lost sales, bringing it to the bottom of the retail dumpster where it lives today.