Preparing Kids for Social Encounters with Perverts.

School Uses Planned Parenthood Curriculum to Teach Kids Oral Sex | <-- CLICK! A reason for the primary school instructors to tell 10 and 11 year olds how to participate in oral and anal sex is for the sake of increasing sexual availability. The above article focuses on such an incident in Onalaska, Washington. The principal topped off at class on STDs with an explanation of the above mentioned procedures. School officials say she stuck to the curriculum.

Earlier exposure increases business for Planned Parenthood, which is why that organization has worked so hard for its position to provide sex education programs for kids in Kings County, Washington, and elsewhere.


At the High School Level….. teacher and four students arrested for sexual hazing.

the FBI frees 79 underage sex slaves in a sting across 59 cities, (operation cross country), which includes a group of 6 juveniles from Washington State.

School Teacher Arrested for Bondage Abuse of Grade School Kids

School Teacher Mike Berndt Arrested in Torrance California on 23 Counts of Child Molestation | Video |

Mark Berndt taught for years at Los Angeles, Miramonte Elementary school which served mainly children of immigrants. The 61 year old teacher has grossed out authorities to the extent that his bail is set at 2.3 million dollars.
The Jail-ward turn was initiated after an alert film processor donated Berndts pics to the cops, showing blindfolded grade schoolers with taped mouths and cockroaches on their faces.
Other pictures showed girls with spoonfuls of “clear white” liquid held up to their mouths as though they were going to eat it. Allegations are that the girls were offered this or the same special sauce on a cookie, and that they did not like the taste. Yes, the sauce tested positive for what you’re thinking is in it.
The kids did not understand what was being done to them, so none of them reported it, according to Lt. Carlos Marquez of Sheriffs dept.
The 40 pics turned in by the film processor a year ago were enough to get the perverted teacher fired, but it took a year of investigation before he was finally arrested. Thus far, not all of the dozens of victims shown in the photos have been located.

Update on 2/2:  YOU BETCHA,  Mark Berndt  gets to keep his pension (which is not in contest) but he also retains  his health benefits, because his firing has been held up in legal processes.   The initial move to boot  him has been contested by experienced teachers union legal representatives, Trygstad, Schwab & Trygstad,  privately hired by Berndt.

Perils of Government Funded Catholic Schools

Catholic school principal fired for promoting 40 Days for Life fights back with statement |

Because of the government funding of Catholic schools,  the Archdiocese of  St Boniface had to fire a principal at Christ the King elementary school.   David Hood lost his position for encouraging the students to participate in the 40 Days for Life prayer vigil. One wonders if David Bereit and company could suggest legal help for Mr. Hood.

The school in Manitoba, Canada is 50 percent funded by the government, and therefore is a dependent ward of the state.  The funding is forfeited for participating in political activity.   The pro-aborts of Canada categorize abortion as politics in order to suppress free speech on the matter.   At issue is a claim that student service credit was to be offered for students who participated in the prayer vigil.   Hood says that no student received such credit.

Naturally  the Canadian Catholic Church, as a ward of the government is not free to  teach its students that abortion is wrong, or  that it is a thing to be opposed.

Catholic schools in the U.S. are accepting government grants, and to the extent that they receive this money, their activities and teachings are  similarly curtailed.

Child Predators Protected by American Teachers Unions | NewsReal Blog

Child Predators Protected by American Teachers Unions | NewsReal Blog.

Megan Fox gives some details of the extensive pedophilia scandal within the public school systems, and which has largely escaped attention from the mainstream media.

A list of coverups is presented, as well as reference to a 2004 study of sexual misconduct by public school teachers.

James O’Keefe and Veritas Visuals presents… protection from the New Jersey Teachers Union for Kiddie Fiddlers.

One wonders if the media could be made as interested in this problem (which is many times more prevalent) as they were in the case of religious groups.