Recycling Gone Wild – Flu vaccine syringes!

Children told to be tested for HIV after flu vaccines reused |

People have caught the ‘green bug’ — an infection with  enthusiasm for recycling.  This has extended into health care environments where some inappropriate recycling can be observed.

For example certain plastics and containers are recycled, or inappropriately transferred from patient  rooms to be reused in other patient rooms.   This is a danger for the spread of infection, and the rampant spread of  staph and clostridium infections may be resulting from this and other bad practices. Some health care employees cannot be dissuaded from these practices.

Above linked is a news story about a pediatric clinic in Colorado, (Med Peds Clinic of Fort Collins) where some enterprising employee decided to recycle half used   syringe doses of flu vaccine.

Those syringes (to a normal health care worker) are single use items.  Even if it had been appropriate to use half of the dose, the remainder should have been tossed out  in the biohazardous waste.

Instead the  medical assistant changed the needles on the syringe and recycled.

So…….  a lot of kids have apparently received half flu doses, and may have been exposed to infection from other patients.   There is a practice  of pulling back a bit  on the syringe, when injecting a vaccine, to make sure it’s not being shot directly into a blood vessel.

Dr Mark S. Simmons of the clinic stated :  “we are a little dismayed that one of our former medical assistants did not follow procedures when handling this” Recommendations from the clinic are that patients who received the vaccines be tested for  HIV, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C, (etc.)   There is not a mention of who would cover this expense.

Some things shouldn’t be recycled.

World’s Biggest Tick Can’t Suck the Life out of the Teaparty

Soros: I Can’t Stop a Republican “Avalanche” –

Yep, Soros said it……… he can’t stop the conservative avalanche, and won’t stand in the way of it.

He still appears dedicated to leftist stances on  health care and the environment.

(The 80 year old Soros will  “save” the environment by ruining health care, thus reducing the human population. )

George Soros with a mouthfull
The World's Biggest Tick

More Ostentatious Consumption of Resources by Al Gore

Divorce pains the planet | Green Tech – CNET News.

Above is that little eco- reminder that divorced couples multiply the households x 2  and therefore increase the stress on the planet.

Al Gore and Tipper are going to need more gigantic properties, as they are separating after 4o years of marriage.  Pharmer estimates the Gores to inflict at least 30 times the negative impact on the planet as the usual divorcing couple.   Neither is projected to shack up with another, to reduce the impact, as their associates claim that there was no precipitating affair.

Tipper, who has an abiding interest in mental health issues,  might have become exasperated with Al for refusing to take his meds.  His persistent clinging to the Global warming issue, long known to be fradulent,  as well as his claim that the earth is 1 million degrees  at its core  (20 time hotter than the sun) indicated increasing departure from reality.  Just a little armchair, amateur psycho-analysis…..

More on the Gores HERE.

Why the flip presentation of  this couple in the throes of post mental-pause distress??

Could it be…….. the damage caused by Al Gore enriching himself from the global warming fraud, while injuring the economic and social conditions of billions of humans in  the developed and developing world -just has Pharmer in a cranky mood.

Here’s that Russian Internet Rumor

…. about the North Korean attack on the BP oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico.

Kremlin/Internet Rumor: North Korea suicide torpedos hit Deep Horizon Oil Platform | Intelligence Quarterly.

Intelligence Quarterly states that there’s no evidence to substantiate the rumor.

There IS evidence to substantiate the rumor that our environmentalists and whacked out government think that the Russians, Chinese, Mexico, Brazil,  and everyone else  will impact the environment less when They drill for oil, and we should just let them have it all.