Worlds Biggest Tick Fails to Have Insider Trading Conviction Overturned

Soros fails to quash insider trading conviction –

No luck with the European Court of Human Rights for George Soros, the World’s Biggest Tick.

They still think he’s a Tick – a parasite, an inside trader. The original case deals with his hedge fund  trade in the stock of Societe Generale, 14 years ago.

There is one last recourse for Soros to dodge the fine for breaking French trading law, and that is an appeal to the grand chamber of the same court.  It’s viewed as an unlikely possibility.

Media Malpractice Regarding the Pro-Life March in Washington Continues

Abortion Rights Opponents Rally in Washington.

Fox News gives pathetic coverage of the rally,  purposely eliminating the fact that it has become largely fueled by the efforts of pro-life YOUTH, who register to the right of their elders on this issue.  If you watch Fox’s abominable video, you will see the term anti-choice used instead of pro-life, and no young people interviewed on the pro-life side.

‘Tens of thousands’, instead of  ‘hundreds of thousands’ is falsely used for the um-teenth year in a row to misrepresent the crowd size of the pro-lifers.

Yes, it’s true……. Fox News is little better than the rest of them on this issue.

It’s why you come here…….. to the internet to get your news, instead of watching the networks.

You might wish to head to the European press for coverage of this rally and the Obama State of the Union Show, for some information from people with less of an axe to grind.

One more shot on the Pro-life issue……….. which isn’t just about abortion, you know.

The European Court of Human Rights has published  a preliminary finding that there is NO human right to assisted suicide.

Those Muslims are really turning Europe around on the life issues.  Could it be that Christians had  turned the other cheek a little too much when dealing with the issue of other people’s lives???