Lawmakers Secretly Plot to Exempt Themselves From Obamacare

You knew it would happen.   Members of congress,  including all Democrats, understand that Obamacare really sux.   They want no part of it for themselves, their families, or their staff.

That’s why they have been engaging in secretive talks to exempt themselves and their staff members from requirements to join the abysmal government exchanges.

The government officials know that entry level staffers cannot afford the ravages of rising health care insurance costs under the “Affordable” Health Care act.   They fear that the best staffers will leave Washington in search of more lucrative jobs in order to be able to afford the M A N D A T E D health care insurance.

The thought of “brain drain” in Washington DC (mentioned by the Politico) is vastly amusing.  Are Americans to believe that intelligent people planned this debacle for us, and chained us to debt eternally?

Readers should be aware that  Finance Committee Chairman, Senator Max Baucus (D-Montana)  ripped into Sebelius and stated that Obamacare is going to be a train wreck. Recall that he was one of the original authors of this disaster.   Immediately after this show, he announced that he will not be running for office again.

The Doctor in Obama’s Family Opposes Obamacare

WOLF: Tawdry details of Obamacare – Washington Times.

Yes, you should read up ^.   Dr. Milton Wolf is Obama’s 2nd cousin, and for that reason calls himself 12 percent hope.    This staunch opponent of Obamacare is found at Blogspot and at the Washington times.

The above, latest output, explains what Obama thinks of his own health plan:  He’s been exempting all his best friends (investors)  from it.

The rest of less well connected businesses and individuals will suffer mightily from it.

Dr. Wolf calls health care Obama’s “big stick”, and you may expect that he and his followers will beat their opposition with it.