Planned Parenthood: New Fall Guy Needed

Spotted at Jill Stanek’s place:

Job Opportunities – Planned Parenthood.   <–   their own ad

Planned Unparenthood is needing a new Billing Manager to work with their Obamacare team, assisting with the design of billing strategies. This person is to travel to various affiliates and assist them with their billing, and maximizing revenue.

This new employee might take  the fall for fraud should there be an appropriate change in government. Without the protection of the democrats, Planned Unparenthood would likely be in deeper water, due to the 4 medicaid fraud lawsuits it is experiencing. The latest suit in Iowa  is added to a case in California,  and two separate suits against  its big Gulf Coast Affiliate, in Texas.  A normal government would be less likely to award tax dollars to an institution with entrenched practices of inappropriately billing medicaid for services.

Planned Parenthood should offer a handsome salary to a person who has to travel to extensively to the far flung affiliates and get his hands dirty with their questionable billing practices.

Indiana Contracted the Chicago Disease: Forgeries Got Obama on 2008 Ballot

Indiana 2008 Presidential Primary Election Fraud Probe Heats Up | Fox News.

An investigation into 2008 election fraud has picked up steam in Indiana.  It seems that  quite a large number of Democrat voters did not sign the petitions to put Obama on the ballot, although the papers show their names and addresses.

Presidential candidates only need 500 signatures from each of 9 districts in Indiana to get on the Ballot.  Obama couldn’t manage 500 real ones so his people apparently fudged them.

Up to seven people are being investigated for involvement in a fraud incident in the South Bend area of Indiana.   It appears that the currently assigned  fall guy for this scheme is an independent contractor and democrat party volunteer, Dustin Blythe.

House Republicans Call for Special Counsel to Probe Eric Holder

House Republicans Request Special Counsel To Probe Holder On ‘Fast And Furious’ | Fox News.

Eric Holder has been stonewalling the investigation of the ATF  Fast and Furious operation in which the ATF apparently bought guns in the United States and gave them to the Mexican Drug Cartels.  This was for the purpose of convincing the public that the U.S. is a source of guns to criminals, and that more gun control is necessary.

Congress has reached the conclusion that Eric Holder cannot investigate himself to find out whether he committed perjury in his testimony to the House Judiciary Committee on the Fast and Furious operation.  He had claimed no knowledge of the operation.

At this time there is much movement of ATF personnel and attorneys within the Justice department.  They are cleaning house, in preparation of the troubles to come.

Pretty much is already known, however, and it it is up to the White House to determine if Eric Holder should be the fall guy, or if they should all go down together.

The UK Telegraph reports that Rahm Emanuel is expected to quit

Rahm Emanuel expected to quit White House – Telegraph.

The designated FALL GUY for the job offers made by the Obama regime to  Senate candidate Sestak  (among others) is said to be leaving the White House within a half year or so.

A plethora of reasons for leaving is supplied, outside of those  job offers made to entice non-favored candidates to abandon their primary races.   Rahm is vying for father of the year,  implying concern about losing touch with his family in the steamy environment of Washington.

But we KNOW he’s being sacrificed in order to appease those who recognize that Bribes Are Illegal.

The Telegraph’s top juicy tidbit is a revelation that  Rahm was an accomplished  Ballet Dancer in his earlier years.    A study in contrasts.  😉