Jerks Have Come Full Circle Over Abortion

There needs to be a map made of this journey so people can figure out how they got to this place.

Almost reflexively the dogma is repeated: “Abstinence is unrealistic. People are going to have sex. It’s useless to teach abstinence as a form of birth control.” Given this common assumption, perhaps it’s understandable that the “Me Too” Fems have come to think of sex as rape, unless litigated to an impossible degree. After all, one can hardly expect mutual consent to be naturally synchronized if abstinence is impossible to accomplish. Sex is considered to be like pooping, and a protracted period without it might cause a body to explode. This has churned up a tsunami of sex singular.

Maybe some people might see a glimmer of abstinence possibility if the issue is taken one day at a time, in the way that those addicted to drugs or alcohol accomplish a sober lifestyle.

Suddenly there’s been a new awakening. Bette Midler and Alyssa Milano have swung open the passageway to an (old), new world! They’re proposing a sex strike in response to Georgia’s law, restricting abortion to the short developmental period before a human develops a heartbeat.

You read that right. A sex strike! Until the law is repealed. ABSTINENCE. They’re going to abstain from sex because abortion has become restricted! For gurls younger than Bette, that would remove the “need” for abortion. The concept fairly makes the mind reel: Abstinence for Abortion! Additionally we can observe new wave feminists using SEX to get what they want, by telling the men that no more nookie is available until abortion is deregulated again.

In at least three respects, the jerks have come full circle.

  1. Feminist women are using sex to get what they want.
  2. Abstinence is indeed very possible.
  3. So abortion is not ‘necessary’.

‘Create the family you want: Boy or Girl’: Sex selection advertized in Canadian newspapers |

‘Create the family you want: Boy or Girl’: Sex selection advertized in Canadian newspapers |

A Seattle Fertility Clinic has been running ads in Canadian newspapers,  targeting immigrants to British Columbia.    It uses a preimplantation diagnostic procedure to determine if embryos produced by in vitro fertilization are  males or females.   This allows an opportunity to destroy those of the “wrong” sex, and implant only those of the desired sex.

In the National Post, Kelly McParland takes aim at Canadians who might be put off by this sex selection industry.  Canada has next to no abortion restrictions, and the Seattle  fertility clinic is taking advantage of Canada’s very liberal environment.    He notes that sex selection “puts feminists in the odd position of defending the right of women to decide against female babies on the basis that females aren’t as valuable or desirable as males.”

New Woman Accusing Herman Cain Of Sexual Harassment Hires Gloria Allred | Radar Online

New Woman Accusing Herman Cain Of Sexual Harassment Hires Gloria Allred | Radar Online.

Gloria Allred is coming forth with a woman who wants to complain about Herman Cain harassing her.

To put the woman and her choice of lawyers in perspective, get to know  the very whacko Gloria Allred.   She said she liked it when she was groped by the TSA.  It was the closest thing to sex she had experienced in a long while.  Gloria also competed vigorously for the Jerry Springer award with THIS case of the explicit display from a Braves pitching coach.

Gloria is also famous for the Meg Whitman, illegal alien employee incident,  abusing her own client,  the housekeeper as a means to politically smear Whitman.

Kathleen Willey (a grope victim of Bill Clinton) was subpoenaed to testify in 1997 by the attorneys in the Paula Jones Case. Listen HERE to an interview of her comparing the media response to her and Paula Jones in the Clinton sexual imposition cases, vs the treatment of the women who are making vague harassment claims against Herman Cain.
Here’s Sharon Bialek’s public statement accusing Herman Cain.

Sharon Bialek claims to be a Republican teapartier, who has ostensibly hired an staunch ideological opponent, Gloria Allred to represent her.
Allred opposes Bialek on the issue of groping, and opposes the Teaparty on myriad other issues.

Cain’s campaign has issued a flat denial, calling Bialek’s claims “bogus”. Pharmer finds Bialek’s claimed affiliations, and her story to be implausible. Most women do not ask their sexual attacker to drive them back to their hotel. None of Clinton’s victims ever told a story like that.

“Hoity Toity” RINOS, Get Out of the Way

Palin is too nice to say that feminists have enslaved women, but she has the correct general idea about them.
Her comment to Krauthammer and the RINO’s is worth hearing, as well as her habit of talking over interruptions. (Alan Keyes is also known to do that.) It’s the proper way for conservatives to utilize interview time and live spots on television and radio.