Rand Paul Attends to His Promises to Pro-lifers

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul Holds Up Vote on Flood Insurance So That He Can Get a Vote on Whether Life Begins at Conception | TheBlaze.com.

FEMA flood insurance funding requires an vote to continue it for the next five years.

Rand Paul is attempting to force the Senate to address the issue of when human life begins, in order to proceed with funding the flood insurance.

Reid is not wanting to allow this amendment to the flood insurance funding, since the Dems would not want to acknowledge biological facts in conjunction with continuing a government spending program.

The Early Embryo is Growing and Differentiating, but Gingrich Doesn’t Think It’s Alive Yet

Gingrich Breaks from Some in Anti-Abortion Community on When Life Begins – ABC News.

Newt doesn’t want to give up on embryonic stem cell research, yet, although the front running private research company, Geron has done so. It would be nice if he and the rest of the  candidates could commit to cease wasting public funds on  unethical research which has consistently failed to produce results.

The candidate probably does not want to get into the issue of the morning after pills and the birth control pills, and he’s willing to display ignorance of developmental biology in order to avoid this.  Gingrich might be afraid of losing the birth control pill users by acknowledging   that the life of a sexually reproducing organism begins when it really does.

He was also able to suspend logic, accept the fraud of global warming,  and sit down with Nancy Pelosi in a warm and fuzzy  Environmentalist Whacko ad.

The entire  government could start by acknowledging reality.

Rather than being mis-branded as “contraceptives” the various  hormonal B.C. products  should be called   ‘birth control drugs’, and carry the tag  “This product has multiple mechanisms of action,  and  might  (or is likely to) operate by stopping the life of an early human embryo.”

My Way News – Health bill revives abortion issue for young women

My Way News – Health bill revives abortion issue for young women

Neither Beth Fouhy nor Jalena Woehr know when life begins :

“Everyone, if they step back from the hotness of the political environment, can acknowledge that nobody really knows when life begins,” Woehr said, adding many young feminists seek “a little more agreement that everyone wants fewer abortions.”

But the pro life people, who’s existence is not acknowledged in the above quoted article, do know. We learned it in biology class, or when studying embryology, or from our colleagues, friends and elders.

If Beth or Jalena knew we existed then they might feel somewhat self conscious about not having information which is possessed by the majority of adult Americans.

Pharmer does remember, after years of taunting reporters and journalists about the information they had failed to pick up in school, FINALLY seeing ABC acknowledge fertilization processes and the formation of the human organism during their evening time national news broadcast.

After thirty minutes of brow beating one can usually obtain an admission from the abortion supporters that the question is not about  information gathered by science about the  formation of sexually reproducing organisms. Rather it is more often about their personal RELIGIOUS belief about when human life accrues value. The most honest ones might assert their own moral authority for determining which and when humans may be killed.  Contemplating this  reveals the abortion proponents  to be very scary neighbors.

Learn   HERE  from Embryologists  when the life of a human organism begins.

And Note that THIS IS HOW LONG we’ve been aware of the the Beginning of Life for sexually reproducing organisms.

"[But] it was
only in 1876 that Oscar Hertwig [1849-1922] and Herman Fol [1845-
1892] independently demonstrated sperm entry into the egg and the
union of the two cells' nuclei."

Scott F. Gilbert: Developmental Biology. 6th Edtion. Sinauer
Assoc. 2000, p.185.