Penn State Accepts It’s Punishment from NCAA

Penn State Nittany Lions hit with $60 million fine, 4-year bowl ban, wins dating to 1998 – ESPN.

The NCAA has acted on the report from Louis Freeh, which outlines the role of Joe Paterno and other Penn State officials in covering up Coach Jerry Sandusky’s sexual abuse of boys.

With heretofore unheard of speed and severity, the NCAA has slapped the Penn State football team with a 60 million dollar fine,  a collection of financially crippling sanctions, and redaction of Paterno’s wins since 1998. A former chairman of the committee on infractions has stated that the NCAA normally does not intervene  in criminal matters involving college sports personnel.

Countless uninvolved parties will share in the burden and costs incurred by the actions of a select few individuals.  Pharmer expects  this  60 million dollar ruling  to make the NCAA and many lawyers richer, while it makes students poorer.

Lawsuits by any affected parties, to appeal  this ruling, are likely futile, because the University has admitted culpability and signed onto the  consent decree  of NCAA penalties  with no objections and agreed that there would be no legal recourse.

Texas Judge Sentences Honors Student Diane Tran to Jail for Missing School | Video |

Texas Judge Sentences Honors Student Diane Tran to Jail for Missing School | Video |

Seventeen year old Diane Tran, who appears not to need to attend classes to keep her grades up, was sentenced to jail and fined for repeated truancy, by Montgomery Republican judge Lanny Moriarity. She is said to be working two jobs, and helping to support siblings, after her parents divorced suddenly and apparently bailed out on the kids.
Likely no one knows the whole story of this family.

Lanny Moriarity ran in 2010 unopposed in his district in Montgomery County. Yes he is a Republican. The Teaparty could send a primary challenger to make his life interesting in the next election cycle.

Moriarity is, at best, a lazy judge. He apparently encountered Diane Tran’s case more than once (a prior warning is mentioned) and did not investigate the cause of her truancy for 2 minutes. Much more time had to have been spent on the paperwork than consideration of the case.

This kind of use of the legal system leads very motivated and talented young people to develop disrespect and hatred of authority and government.