Oregon Public School Teacher May Be Fired for Dissing Planned Parenthood

Benson High School, in Portland Oregon has suspended, and may fire a pro-life teacher, ostensibly for his opposition to Planned Parenthood.   Bill Diss, who has taught computer science and math in the public schools for 11 years, is known, and sometimes baited by the students due to his openly pro-life views.

The math teacher was escorted out of the school by police on March 19th, and is on paid leave, awaiting a possible firing.   This is thought to stem from his refusal, in September of last year, to allow two planned parenthood employees into his classroom, because they did not have proper ID.   They were supposedly there to teach an optional sex-ed class to the students.  Mr. Diss also organized a protest at a school board meeting against Planned Parenthood’s presence in the school district.  He says that he had  kept his protests against planned parenthood outside of work until they were invited into the school to teach.

Another issue of contention was the use of Mr. Diss’s name on permission  forms sent home to the parents of students, for planned parenthood’s teen outreach program.   His attorney contested the misuse of Diss’s name as though he endorsed the TOP program, and demanded a retraction of statements on the forms.  Since that time,  the school officials have been sending notes to Diss concerning his teaching practices, and requiring him to attend various hearings.   He has been told that his teaching contract will not be renewed.

Diss concludes that it appears to be much more important for the school to have Planned Parenthood at Benson than it is to have a teacher teach computer science and math”.

Teacher Bill Diss Fired for prolife views

According to US NEws,  Benson Polytechnic  High School is not doing so well academically.

Benson High School test scores USnews

Now Benson H.S. is  down by one more math teacher. but who needs math when one can have planned parenthood’s version of show and tell?  Poly-Technique!


Fired pharmacist who foiled robbers sues Walgreens – Yahoo! News

Fired pharmacist who foiled robbers sues Walgreens – Yahoo! News.

Michigan pharmacist Jeremy Hoven foiled an armed robbery at his Walgreens pharmacy by using his own pistol. He has a concealed carry permit.   Walgreens subsequently fired him, saying that he violated a non-escalation policy.

Hoven’s lawsuit, filed in federal court,  contends that Wagreens is violating his second amendment rights.

Walgreens has answered the suit by denying that an armed robbery was taking place.

Hoven’s lawyers have released a video from the store security  cams, showing the incident,a robber ‘dragging an employee through the store’, and a robber dropping his weapon has he fled.

DUH, Walgreens!   Here’s the video!

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Assistant Teacher Files Suit: Religious Discrimination, Wrongful Termination

Assistant teacher says she was fired for Christian faith – NYPOST.com.

Anita Wooten-Francis, an asssistant teacher of special ed instructer at the Canarsie school in Brooklyn, has filed suit against the city, the DOE, and principal George Andrews for religious discrimination and unspecified damages stemming from her termination.

Wooten-Francis cites a plethora of improprieties occurring at the school, many involving the behavior of the principal torwards her personally, and directly related to her personal religious practices. For 16 years prior to 2004, she experienced no difficulty at the school regarding her teaching or religious practice.

The 52 year old instructor  states that she never influenced the children with her religion, and that the charges leading to her firing are false.

She is accused of grabbing a student at the school, which is said to be implausible due to the nerve damage in her hands and feet.   She is described by a fellow teacher  (who fears reprisal)  as dedicated to the kids,  a “fantastic lady” who “wouldn’t hurt a fly”.

From the NY Post:

“I’m a Christian,” Wooten-Francis said. “I believe Jesus Christ is my lord and savior . . . I know that I’m trusting God, and the truth will come out.”

photo: j.c.rice

UCLA Professor, John Emstrom Fired for Promulgating His Scientific Research

Will a UCLA Prof Lose His Job For Sticking to Science Over Politics? | The Blaze.


UCLA retaliated against one of its own professors, Dr. John Emstrom, of the Department of Environmental Health Sciences, for presenting his research to the California Air Resources Board, (CARB). This agency is in the process of further damaging the California economy by enforcing standards of diesel engine particulate emissions which are not based upon rationality nor current research data.

A look at the above video will show you that not all is right with CARB, and its staff of bogus experts.

Live Action Full Footage Video at Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood had protested that Live Action’s sting video at one of their New Jersey Facilities was a hoax, edited and misleading.  So the full footage video has been made available.  It exists in two segments at YouTube.
Part 1

Part 2

Here’s where to locate the Live Action AUDIO after You Tube removes it. DOWNLOAD MP3

It was the job of the pro-life blogosphere to make this information available as widely as possible so that the mainstream media could not ignore it without looking stupid. Pharmer dutifully submitted it to Drudge and Rush Limbaugh, as well as featuring it, (as has been done from Live Action’s early days). CNN has picked up the story.

Wandering over to Jill Stanek’s, Pharmer picked up this nauseating Quote from Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schulz, D Fl., who equates the Republican attempt to stop the tax payer funding of abortion with extreme disdain for women. From CBS News:
“In an interview with Hotsheet, Democratic Florida Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schulz called the bill “nothing short of a violent act against women.” She equated denying federal funds to a rape victim with the “hijacking of a woman’s independence.”

“I don’t know how anybody could suggest that there is any rape that is acceptable,” she said. “I just think it sends a very clear message direct from the heart of the Republican party to women in America about exactly how Republicans feel about women.”

Pharmer would like to give Schulz a taste of her own medicine. Amy Woodruff of Planned Parenthood, (Perth Amboy facility) and the many more which have been revealed, and are yet to be revealed, exemplify what Congress-hag Debbie Wasserman Schulz D Fl. thinks of of GIRLS: that it’s OK to enslave them for sex, and to utilize our tax dollars to conceal these crimes.

Perhaps if more people pick their ‘favorite’ pro-abortion politicians and stick their names to these videos, for example, Dick Durbin, Obama, the phony Steve Driehaus, Nancy Pelosi they will begin to rethink their political strategy and curb their UNCIVIL Rhetoric (and lawsuits) aimed at pro-life people.

After first claiming that the Live Action films are a hoax, planned parenthood has since fired manager Amy Woodruff. Fired for a hoax???? “Under the Bus”, Amy.

Watch for more Planned Parenthood sting. This is nowhere near the end of the story.

Kieth Olbermann booted from MSNBC slot

The acquisition of MSNBC by ComCast has just been approved, and on the heels of that is the firing of Leftie commentator, Kieth Olbermann, from his primetime slot.

He’s to be replaced by Lawrence O’Donnell, along with a reshuffling of the night time lineup.

It’s trading one  leftie for another, so the move is no big deal, except for a change of style.   When Olbermann was around, people could have reassurance that they were  doing the right thing if Olberman listed them as his Worst Person in the World.

Is Notre Dame Eliminating Prolife Employees? Inquiring Minds Would Like to Know

“So Long Captain Kirk: A Personal Reflection” | Irish Rover.

Above linked is some detailed commentary on the firing of Bill Kirk, the Associate Vice President for Residence Life at Notre Dame.

LifeNews,  a prolife news source raised the possibility that he might have been booted in connection with a protest of the Obama commencement speech, though other possibilities are discussed  in the above linked article.

(Pharmer, an Indiana resident, had previously sent assurances to the Notre Dame administrators, that none of her offspring will be attending that institution.   There’s no use in spending extra bucks for a brand name, once the substance behind the brand  has been lost.)