Was William Blakely, Flasher Driver, a Democrat?

On the underside of the internet, inquiring minds have been wondering what is wrong with former Alderman William Blakely of Mt. Carmel, Hawkins County, Tennessee.  He’s been charged with many incidents of reckless driving while multitasking.  One of his hands was NOT on the wheel, and he was apparently  making matters visible to other drivers.

Witnesses have complained that his antics are a hazard on the road,  very distracting to himself and fellow  travelers.

Yes, Tennessee has its very own, mobile version of Anthony Weiner.

The burning question of the week has been answered..….... William Blakely  ran as an INDEPENDENT in the 2008 elections.  So all those who guessed that he was (naturally) a Democrat are not correct this time. 😉

His driving habits are not heterosexual, not homosexual….. but autosexual  Willie is a middle of the road kind of guy……. the perfect moderate. 

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Meet One of the Protesters From the Westlake Park “Occupy Seattle”

Man accused of exposing self to children arrested | Local & Regional | Seattle News, Weather, Sports, Breaking News | KOMO News.

Yep, police learned that this flasher was at Westlake Park, Occupy Seattle event,   and some other places too. He’s accused of exposing himself/performing lewd acts in front of children, on five separate occasions.

Wouldn’t you want him pitching a tent in your back yard?