Romney to Olympians: ‘You Didn’t Get Here Solely On Your Own’ – YouTube

A donation to the Pharm:   Lefties are entertaining  themselves by claiming that Obama got the idea for his biggest socialist gaffe from Mitt Romney. Normal people are amused that the leftists could not distinguish between the amateur athletes, whose training usually starts in childhood, and adult business people who are making a living through their own efforts.

There was quite a difference between the Olympic athletes addressed by Romney, and those entrepreneurs  who were told by Obama that someone else did that for them.

Politico Presents a Pornified Obama

Obama’s joke? –

Byron Tau, of the Politico perceived this statement made by Obama at a Los Angeles  LGBT Leadership Council fundraiser  in Beverley Hills on Wednesday night, as a joke.

From the Pool Report:

“Michelle outdoes me in pushups as well,” he said, after saying that she’s taken some criticism on her technique “because she doesn’t go all the way down” – a line that he let hang, naughtily, provoking laughter from the crowd.”

Obama quote from the transcript given at the Guardian:  by Oliver Burkeman

“I want to thank my wonderful friend [Ellen DeGeneres] who accepts a little bit of teasing about Michelle beating her in pushups – (laughter) – but I think she claims Michelle didn’t go all the way down. (Laughter.) That’s what I heard. I just want to set the record straight – Michelle outdoes me in pushups as well. (Laughter.) So she shouldn’t feel bad. She’s an extraordinary talent and she’s just a dear, dear friend – Ellen DeGeneres. Give Ellen a big round of applause.”

Mr Burkeman appeared to think that the remark was not intended to be nasty, and that  Americans are dirty minded.   However,  the Politico is a news organ of the WhiteHouse, and it is the vehicle by which this little gaffe was brought to our attention.

Buzzfeed votes with Politico on the matter, and the world is aTwitter with the news.

Obama needs to stick with his teleprompter. Every verbal blunder and misstep is going to be magnified from now until November.

Update: a video of the double entendre is below, along with Obama media apologists trying to take back what the Politico initially presented.

Chrissie Mathews’ Gaffe Beats Biden’s

Matthews tells Bishop Harry Jackson “I hope you evolve……. I’m just teasing”

Obama has been getting some blow back from the Black Evangelical Churches due to his endorsement of gay marriage. Of Americans, more Blacks than Whites consider this newly announced political position to be a problem.

Leftie Racism

Lawrence O’Donnell: Sorry for invoking slavery.

Another Newbie on MS-LSD  (used to be NBC), Lawrence O’Donnell has been caught displaying his leftie racism towards Michael Steele, head of the Republican National Committee.

Little Larry had to apologize to Steele for implying that he’s dancing as fast as he can, as a slave to the RNC.

Trouble is,  Steele, being a RINO and  accustomed to media abuse, has accepted the insincere apology from MS LSD’s newest host, for a chance to be re-invited to the show.

The likes of this quote would get any right winger booted from the air, but O’Donnell will remain.

Said Larry:  “Michael Steele is dancing as fast as he can,” O’Donnell began his Steele intro, “trying to charm independent voters and Tea Partiers while never losing sight of his real master and paycheck provider, the Republican National Committee.”