The Police Loophole -Lists Firearms Companies Standing Behind 2nd Amendment

The Police Loophole.   <—CLICK IT!!!

Certain firearms companies have publicly announced that they will not sell their products to government entities which would restrict ordinary citizens from owning them.  The Police Loophole is aggregating a list of the participating businesses.For example, if the police of a given state or municipality  want to purchase a particular firearm, but the citizenry is prohibited from owning it  —– NO SALE.

This is a nice gesture from these gun companies, who will risk a some  of  their profits to defend their own long term future and that of their customers.

This list is growing, and perhaps some of the largest companies can be encouraged by their clientele to join the effort.

Face It: Social Issues Impinge Upon Economic Issues.

Reading the opinions of people who can’t see the big picture is sometimes inspirational.   Salvatore of Breitbart is complaining that precious Republican debate time was wasted on the social issues, for example contraception.  Pharmer unloads in response:

Most people wish not to see the connection between the social issues and the economic issues. Those politicians who address the social issues are castigated, as they address the fact that something is a bit wrong in the lives of most of their fellow humans, and often their own lives as well.  Yes, P.J. the social issues impinge directly upon the economic issues.

Pharmer is here  to remind you what abortion did to social security, for example.  It lowered the payer to payee ratio. That is a serious problem which will kill the program soon.

Contraception? The “easy” forms of birth control feed the abortion industry, because of their effect on behavior, and because of the fact that they are not nearly as effective in actual use as the purveyors claim. Many forms are also related to the social security insolvency, by the way, due to the multiple means by which they reduce overall fertility.

Back to abortion: if you can kill those with medical difficulties, there is no need to develop the means to overcome these difficulties. Medical innovation ceases and there is stagnation.
Physician assisted suicide is also an easier short term solution which suppresses medical and technological innovation.
Such stagnation leads to further depression of the economy.

Divorce is a serious social issue which reduces the economic status of the family, and wastes resources through duplication of the household. There is a need for two dwellings, double furnishings, double heating and air conditioning. Divorce is NOT GREEN. It makes Mother Earth cry.
This is just scratching the surface.

It really is time for all people to get over the trauma of their personal circumstances, and admit that addressing social issues in an intelligent way would help the economy and the environment, as well as raise people’s standard of living.
This does not mean that the government should necessarily  have its  nose in very personal  affairs, but that it should stop rewarding detrimental behavior, and stop punishing those who make the effort to live up to commitments and hold their families together.