Gay GOP Supporter Beaten for Wandering off Dem Plantation

Wisc. Gay GOP Worker Hospitalized in Politically Motivated Attack.

Last week it was Sean Kedzie, who was beaten by vandals removing his Romney Ryan signs.
This week it’s Kyle Wood, a Wisconsin GOP supporter who was attacked inside his home. Vandalism to his car prior to the attack included grafitti aying “house trained republican faggot”, “traitor” and “ur like a Jew for Hitler”. This, along with the utterances of his attacker, leaves not much doubt about the reason behind Kyle Wood’s beating. Mr. Wood is supporting a straight republican candidate, Chad Lee for congress, over a gay democrat, Mark Pocan. Wood says that he won’t be bullied into abandoning his moral values.

UPDATE 10-31-12 The Blaze reports that Kyle Wood recanted his claim that he was beaten for reason of being a gay conservative. Apparently his report to the poice doesn’t match his report to the Blaze. Click HERE for more.

Special Condemnation of this Crime from The Elites

8 gang suspects arraigned in NYC anti-gay attack – Yahoo! News.

Sure wish that the Elites, such as Mayor Bloomberg of NYC thought that abuse and  rapes of women and children merited the special condemnation that they  reserved for attack on gays  by a gang in his city.

Pharmer is one of those people who thinks that equal crimes should bring equal punishment, and that torturing and raping children and women is just as bad as doing that stuff to gays.

Perhaps there would be less of that going on if our leftie elitists felt the same way and acted on it.

Remember, Portland Oregon……… the US capital of sex slavery..…. has TWO,  count em….  ONLY TWO vice cops.