Sebelius tells Mennonite Insurer To Reverse Rate Hike

Obama tells insurer to reverse rate hike – Washington Times.

Up front, you should know that insurers don’t have to do what Kathleen Sebelius says, but are expected to publicly justify the increases on  The Everence report is posted HERE, and mentions that the increase is in response to three years of posting loses on that group of insurance offerings.

Health and Human Services, which can’t do math, is saying that the Everence Insurance company is using national data rather than Pennsylvania data to predict losses.    The company has jacked rates on small group plans affecting about 5000 people.

Why are insurers raising their rates?   With the economy failing, the healthiest people are the most likely to trim health care insurance from their expenses.  This leaves the less healthy ones, who know they have to keep coverage, still on board.  Less income, more costs.
We don’t need the government to control and ruin the health insurance industry. If those affected small groups hate the Everence increase a lot, they’ll shop for cheaper plans. Under the guise of regulating prices, the government is working to kill insurance companies, and force us into a one provider system.

Newt Gingrich Sticks With His Prior Health Insurance Mandate

Gingrich Knocks GOP Proposal for Medicare –

It’s one thing that Gingrich and the Dems seem to  have in common: the idea that people  should be forced to purchase health care insurance.

Some people can afford to be ‘self insured’, and some would agree to take the risk and accept that no one cover them if they have a turn of bad luck.   Others are covered in private, voluntary groups in which people agree to pay for each others illnesses.

What in the U.S. Constitution allows the federal government to force us to purchase something?   Maybe Newt  (the washed up one) can tell us where to find this.


Obamacare Mandate to Buy Health Insurance is Struck Down

U.S. Health-Care Law’s Mandate Thrown Out by Judge – Bloomberg.

Judge Henry Hudson of U.S. District Court in Richmond Virginia has struck down a central requirement of Obamacare which was set to go into effect in 2014.   The commerce clause does not give government authority to force a person to buy health care insurance, or anything else.

There are a series of court challenges to Obamacare by 20 states (so far), and this defeat  for the administration marks a significant first blow to the government takeover of one sixth of the economy.

This district  court decision defended Virginia’s Health Care Freedom Act which barred forcing citizens to purchase health care insurance.