Former Hill Staffer and Obama Admin. Official Accused of Drugging & Sexually Assaulting Women | Video |

Former Hill Staffer and Obama Admin. Official Accused of Drugging & Sexually Assaulting Women | Video |

Donny Ray Williams Jr has an impressive curriculum vitae with respect to the number of  government jobs he has held.  It appears from his Linked In profile that he doesn’t stay in one place for very long.  He’s been at the Dept of Housing and Urban Development, a Senate Staff Director working with the Dept of Homeland Security, among many other governmental positions serving various Democrat Senators and Legislators.   Lately he’s been a partner at  Disaster Recovery Strategies, LLC.

Mr. Williams is also accused of drugging and sexually assaulting three  women, threatening a fourth,  and is now dealing with 10 criminal charges pertaining to attacks occurring between July and December of 2010.   Mr. Williams proclaims his innocence of all charges, and  awaits a trial which is set in 2013.


Large Libel Suit for Dept of Homeland Security is Warranted

U.S. Government Shuts Down 84,000 Websites, ‘By Mistake’ | TorrentFreak.

Thousands of small businesses and individuals were slandered by the government when the FreeDNS provider ( part of  which hosted their websites was attacked by the Dept. of homeland security.   84,000 subdomains were taken down, and surfers were pointed to a homeland security page  accusing them of receiving or possessing child pornography.

Imagine the effect on a small business if it’s clientele are told that the business website was removed due to involvement  in child pornography.

Such damage to the reputation is difficult to repair.

The incompetence of the Dept. of Homeland security needs to be addressed up front by means of a class action lawsuit, for recovery of financial loss resulting from the slanderous action.

If you were presented  with one of these homeland security messages while looking up a subdomain  on, understand that it’s your incompetent government at work, and the website you were searching likely does not belong to a pervert.    It’s just your tax dollars at work, in the hands of incompetents, who are not owning up to their mistake.

Revolt Against Big Sis and the TSA

Come here, my little pretty.......

Pilots are protesting the excessive radiation exposure to which they are exposed in Airport security searches, and don’t appreciate the alternative of being felt up by agents.

Just before the holiday flying season,  Janet Napolitano will have to address increasing passenger displeasure over being punished for the crimes of others, with inconvenience and invasions of their person and effects.

After extensive  effort to educate children regarding their bodily autonomy, the kids  are expected mentally process a 180 degree turn and to sacrifice it for the privilege of flying.

And the Muslims………… whose errant ‘adherents’  provided impetus for all this search and grab, will be the ones who eventually bring it to a screeching halt.  Just you wait and see.