U.S. Army Issues Gag Order to Catholic Chaplains

U.S. Army Silences Catholic Chaplains From Speaking out Against Obama Admin Ruling | TheBlaze.com.

Some of the Chaplains read  Catholic Archbishop Timothy Broglio’s  letter objecting to Obama’s insistence that religious institutions pay for birth control ( hormones, abortifacients and sterilizations, etc. ) for their employees, despite a  GAG ORDER  from the Army Office of the Chief of Chaplains.

These chaplains  were invited to contact the military archdiocesan attorney to obtain free assistance from  public interest law firms which would defend their religious freedom and first amendment rights.

Prayers for the success of the military chaplains who  took the initiative to defy the Army’s unconstitutional gag order.

*Pharmer will see if the letter will be read at her parish this Sunday.

More Kids Having Sex. Sellers of Birth Control Complain that Unbiased Info Unavailable to Teens

More youngsters having unsafe sex: global study – Yahoo! News.

The World Contraception Day task force together with Bayer Healthcare Pharmaceuticals have conducted a survey showing that more kids are having sex without birth control and condoms in France, the U.S. and the U.K.

They fault a barrier to unbiased information about contraception as the cause.

Why is this ridiculous?  Just a sampling:

The source of the survey comes from those who sell birth control.

The products are misbranded as contraceptives, which the public defines as preventing fertilization.  Unfortunately drugs classed as contraceptives have multiple mechanisms, some of which are frankly abortive.

These groups  who promote sex among teens are complaining that kids don’t feel EMPOWERED enough to ask for contraception or negotiate such use with their partners.  Yes, young girls often don’t feel that they have the upper hand when coping with  older man who want sex.

It is proposed that the government will confer such empowerment upon the kids.   (Don’t hold your breath for an end to sex slavery, and other socially maladaptive behavior.)

An example of ‘ harmful myths’ is given:  people in ” Thailand and India believe that having sex during menstruation is an effective form of contraception”. FACT: this is an element of the calendar method, which would be more effective than the abysmal morning after pills, if actually used.  Unfortunately both methods are  more than useless for preventing  STDs.

Don’t expect unbiased  contraceptive advise from the makers of Yaz  (black box warning for DVT and stroke) and Mirena (drug eluting, indwelling, coat hanger).

New bill could prevent pharmacists from denying contraception prescriptions to customers – NorthJersey.com

New bill could prevent pharmacists from denying contraception prescriptions to customers – NorthJersey.com

Two legislators, Sen. Frank Lautenberg, D-N.J., and Rep. Carolyn Maloney, D-N.Y are pushing a bill to deny pharmacists the right of conscience with respect to dispensing hormonal birth control.

Scroll one article down to see what Pharmer had to say about Sebelius pretending that the rights of conscientious objectors would be respected in the Obama birth control plan.


Addressing the propaganda

Women on the pill live longer: study | Reuters.

And my comment is the only one appended to the article thus far, so perhaps readership is low at this Reuters location.

Since conditions concerning safety of childbirth varies so widely over time and by location, and the formulations of the pills have varied widely over 40 years, this study is rather meaningless.

It is too bad that the majority of the adverse thrombotic events occurring in those who use the birth control pill go unreported. I’m watching from my own pharmacy practice.

Recall the HRT studies?

None of this really matters though, since we’re dealing with females, who generally accept a health-care status similar to that of livestock.

Another Blast to UK Healthcare fromThe Daily Mail

Pharmer is NOT a fan of allowing patients to die of dehydration, when it can be helped,  because it’s a very  uncomfortable way to go.

That appears to be the way  22 year old Kane Gorney, suffering from brain cancer,  left this world, and the the Westminster Coroner’s Court has referred the case to the Police Serious Crimes Decision.

It appears from the sketchy medical description that the brain tumor had an effect on the patient’s hypothalamic and pituitary function, to regulate hormone production, fluid and electrolyte balance.  A significant portion of the staff appears to have lacked  sufficient familiarity with the patient’s history to understand this, and administer the meds and fluids to address this problem.

Nearing the  end, the bedridden Mr. Gorny called the police to request a drink.

St George’s Hospital of Tooting South London is now under investigation, as it appears to be a case of severe medical neglect.

Neglected by ‘lazy’ nurses, Kane Gorny, 22, dying of thirst rang the police to beg for water | Mail Online.

From the Pharm, it appears that the severe burnout inherent in the socialized medical system has induced  pervasive hopelessness and helplessness among  health care providers,  as well as their patients. The UK is now caught  in an downward spiralling “whack a mole” cycle.