University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey Sued for Coercing Nurses to Assist Abortions

The Alliance Defense Fund has filed a lawsuit in the U.S. District Court in New Jersey against the University of Medicine and Dentistry on behalf of 12 nurses.  The University has been threatening nurses with loss of their jobs if they refuse to train for and assist in abortions.  This is a due to a recent change in policy and supervision of the nurses.

The suit asks for removal of federal funding for the hospital until it ceases religious discrimination against the nurses whose beliefs forbid participation in killing the unborn.  It asks also for the hospital to return 60 million in federal funding which it received in 2011,  attorney fees  and relief for the nurses as the Court sees fit.

A Copy of the Complaint filed with the United States District Court in NJ can be found HERE.

Pharmer congratulates the 12 Nurses who have distinguished themselves  by courageously taking action against the hospital, and offers prayers for their success.  (Be encouraged.  There is life, and even a job after this kind of  lawsuit.  Been there, done that.)

FDA Can’t Handle Drug Shortages, and in Some Cases, is Causing them

Drug Shortages: A Deadly Problem With No Cure in Sight – DailyFinance.

Pharmer’s going to be featuring some articles describing what is seen in the hospitals in the past couple of years……….. ever worsening shortages of chemotherapeutic and injectable drugs.   This has become a severe public health problem due to inability to treat some cancers, and   unnecessary deaths due to unavailable treatments or errors involving drugs used as substitutes.

Here is the American Society of Hospital Pharmacists drug shortage management resource center.

Pharmer thinks this problem has several underlying causes : supply and demand, need to import raw materials,  economic pressures, taxes,  outsourcing, government incompetence, an increasingly useless FDA, natural selection, and death panel philosophy.

The last factor curbs  government enthusiasm for addressing the drug shortage problem vigorously.   Increased deaths lighten the load on social security, medicare and medicaid, and therefore  the shortages  become a means of obamacare  cost control.