Taxing the “Rich” is Like Peeing into a Fan

The majority of people have envy of those who succeed in the financial world, to the extent that they would harm themselves in order to bring the “rich” people down a notch or ten.
This envy is utilized by the leftists in government to divide and conquer the people, and gather more power and influence for themselves.
Some people don’t realize that whenever taxes are raised on the “rich”, people in the middle and lower financial strata wind up paying the cost.
The truly rich people have the means to almost completely avoid the burden of taxes. They will pass the cost to the consumers of their products and services, streamline employment, and try to pay politicians to grant them exceptions. If these steps are insufficient, they simply move their money, their businesses, and themselves out of the country as the need arises.
Those who are not extremely rich, are more likely to suffer some harm from the tax burden, but they will shield themselves as long as they can. They will cut employment, cut costs, raise prices, perhaps move to another state, or close their business in an effort to preserve capital.
The smallest businesses will do the same, raise prices, and cut employment, and if the taxation becomes too burdensome, they will close down.

Note that in all cases, the business owners will pass the cost of taxation on to the consumers of their products. (If you are a leftist, read it again: the “RICH” business owners will pass the cost of taxation on to the consumers of their products. THAT IS YOU.)
Wanting the government to tax the rich is like peeing into a fan that is pointing back at YOU. It has increased the price on almost all of your necessities, and it has cut jobs!


If you dislike a particular business or rich person, you can boycott. That will not affect your finances to the extent that telling the government to tax the rich does.

Yes boycotts work. Pharmer has joined boycotts of businesses and charities which are known for supporting abortion, and many of these boycotts have been effective in stopping the funding. Unfortunately Obama and the federal government have made up the shortfall. It also appears that Obama has made up the shortfall to Wall Street by printing money and propping up the corporations which lefties purport to hate.
Perhaps Obama should be boycotted!

» Fed Policy Burns Down the Middle East, Who’s Next? – Big Government

» Fed Policy Burns Down the Middle East, Who’s Next? – Big Government.

Long ago Pharmer commented upon the idea of using corn to make ethanol for fuel.  1) It would raise the price of beer as demand for all kinds of grain rose in relation to supply. 2)  Food prices would go up. 3) Most significantly, people in other countries would be made to Starve, because food is so much harder to obtain in the poorest countries.  The  U.S.  formerly the breadbasket of the world, closed off much of the supply by converting it to fuel.

The above article connects the inflation of food prices caused by our “quantitative easing”, inflationary policies with exacerbated misery throughout the world.   We only use a portion of our income for food, so when that price goes up, we’re unhappy, but not in severe danger.  Such is not the case for the third world where people spend the bulk of their income on food.  They are made much more miserable by irresponsible spending and fiscal policy of the United States.  Rioting in the Middle East is being attributed to the pressures felt by people who are much more drastically affected by inflationary prices of food.

Please remind your Leftist Democrat friends of these things  when they speak of their party as the one with compassion for the poor.