AP Whines that Rick Santorum Had Financial Success After Leaving Congress

Santorum’s income has soared since he left Senate (OneNewsNow.com).

Call a Waaaambulance!

Andrew Miga’s name appears at the top of an article which castigates Santorum for serving as a consultant and board member for various private industries and organizations,  and making hundreds of thousands of dollars per year.  Certainly these industries were interested in using him for regulatory advice because he came out of Washingthon.   Mind you, the article needed to produce a figure over a million dollars so it lumped together a year and seven plus months to come up with a 1.3 million dollar bonanza earned at multiple jobs.

Miga apparently found this success  to be inconsistent with his blue collar Pennsylvania origins.  A grandson of an Italian immigrant coal miner is not supposed to do this well.   There is no upward mobility for Americans in the future plans of leftists.   Such aspirations and grasping for success is unseemly.  Building a financial nest egg to fund the next election attempt is unacceptable behavior for a conservative  (but not for a leftist).

After 16 years in Congress Santorum is labeled as an insider, by the same media which said that Sarah Palin was no good because she was not an insider.

Insiders: Romney Is Top GOP 2012 Contender, Daniels Second – Hotline On Call

Insiders: Romney Is Top GOP 2012 Contender, Daniels Second – Hotline On Call.

Check out the lists at the above article, and notice that the insider Republican list corresponds very closely with that of the “Enemies” (Democrats).

This tells Pharmer that Insiders R NOT US.

Mitch Daniels is somewhat a fiscal conservative (but not totally) and could not be called a social conservative. Many Indiana “Republicans” are more liberal than the local Democrats.