Do You Have any H.J. Heinz Company Stock?

Law Firm Brower Piven Announces Investigation of H.J. Heinz Company Proposed Buyout | FinancialContent Business Page.   <—click!

It seems that Brower Piven, a securities litigation firm is checking into a potential ripoff of H.J. Heinz shareholders, in relation to a buyout buy Berkshire Hathaway and 3G capital.   It  is possible that the current share holders’ interests might not have  been adequately considered with respect to this deal.

Those of you with stock in H. J. Heinz, and who know JACK about finances might want to check out what is going on by calling 410-415-6616 or emailing

Check HERE for another explanation which appears to be in more plain language. It also gives another phone numbers and an email of

UK care system leaves kids at risk of sexual abuse – report — RT

UK care system leaves kids at risk of sexual abuse – report — RT.

Recent high profile cases of child sex slavery have led  the British Parliament to an ‘urgent  investigation’ of the UK Child Care system.   A preliminary report declares  the Child Care program to be unfit.  Police estimate that 10,000 kids go missing each year, though the government reported only 930 cases last year.

A propensity for children to be housed in bad neighborhoods,  far from home is leading to increased cases of runaways, and sexual abuse.

The report revealed that within the child protection system, “it is often acceptable for adults engage in sex with children as long as it is “consensual”.”

Breitbart: Are They Erasing?

Breitbart’s forensic technician poisoned to death?.

Michael Cormier, described as “respected forensic technician” for the LA Coroner’s office died, in his North Hollywood home, of questionable circumstances on April 20, 2012. This is the same day that the Coroner’s final report on the death of Andrew Breitbart was made public.

The report does not describe Cormier’s role in the investigations of Breitbart’s cause of death.

Cormier was transported to Providence St Joseph Medical Center in the early AM, complaining of pain and vomiting. He died later that same day. The police have been involved, and Cormier’s home searched. Toxicology tests have been done, with results pending for six weeks.

Mother of Mercy H.S. on Al

Islamophobia in the US, April 30, 2011: Bullying Targets Muslim and Arab Students in New Jersey Schools.

The above linked news page addresses  Muslim relations in the U.S., and the  issue that some innocent people are paying a social price for the actions of other controversial or terrorist groups.

A few articles down on the page…… Mother of Mercy H.S. in Cincinnati makes the news for it’s reach-out to CAIR, a controversial group ( favored by only 11 percent of U.S. Muslims,) which has been under Justice Dept scrutiny for  financial ties to known terrorist groups.

Your Tax Dollars At Waste, Stinging Amish Farmer

Feds sting Amish farmer selling raw milk locally – Washington Times.

One thing this article is missing is the taxpayer cost of the FDA sting on Dan Allgyer, an Amish farmer who sold unpasteurized milk to customers specifically wanting that product.

The FDA is convinced that raw milk has no benefits, that can’t be obtained from the pasteurized products but customers  believe otherwise.

It’s obvious that drinking unpasteurized milk with its collection of native flora is a different deal than drinking the commercial product the bacteria of  which have been killed.   People also eat yogurt to obtain benefits from the microbial growth within.

Some people don’t mind playing a bit of roulette with their pro-biotics, and the FDA, which obviously doesn’t know ‘bugs’, needs to find something more useful to do.