Iowa Governor Terry Branstad Tells Karl Rove to Stay Out

Iowa Gov. Branstad to Rove: ‘Stay Out’.

Karl Rove, who is currently at war with the conservatives of the Tea Party, and who has been instrumental in the defeat of a number of Tea Party backed candidates, has been asked to keep his super PAC out of Iowa.

Governor Terry Branstad told Rove that it is not smart for groups from outside Iowa to be attacking candidates in that state.

Rove has been attacking Representative Steve King, who is in the running for the Senate seat being vacated by Tom Harkin.    Since he is a conservative, Rove’s PAC has been smearing him, and accusing him of having the “Todd Akin problem”, and that everything he has ever said is going to be hung around his neck.

Yes, the Republican establishment is wanting to eat the conservatives.   We have no place in that party.

Thanks to Gov. Branstad for having the sense to tell Rove to get lost.

In another sign of the Times,  the California Republican party has put Ben Shapiro in a keynote speaking position formerly to be filled by Rove, supposedly due to a scheduling conflict.  Perhaps this is an attempt to throw an olive branch to conservatives.

Pharmer believes that the Republican party is too far gone, and that much more pain, and a great deal of shrinkage,  is to befall Americans before there is a return to constitutional and conservative principles.


Home Abortions Again?

Remember that excuse for legalizing abortions to make them safer, with the imagery of women self abortion with coat hangers.??

So now abortion is legal, and not really too safe,
not rare,
and women are still self aborting
with pencils,
or by shooting themselves in the abdomen.

The pro aborts have come full circle now, with the TELE-ABORTION, It seems that sending women back home to abort themselves, without ready access to a physician, is OK again.

Videoconferencing Is Used to Administer Abortion Drugs in the state of Iowa, by planned parenthood,  killing the unborn,  well over 100 miles  removed from the abortionist.

Even this new development is under controversy, with the abortion chain’s spokespersons unable to decide if it is actually happening or not.