Obama’s IPAB Death Panel – Even Some Democrats Are Opposing it

It’s THAT bad!   Congress sees it as an unconstitutional removal of their authority over spending, by unelected officials.

Death Panels Crop Up Again as Obama Mentions IPAB in Medicare | LifeNews.com.

Another  mechanism by which Obamacare will gut the care of the elderly, in his deficit reduction plan,  is to further cut medicare and medicaid reimbursement so that health care providers are not able to stay in business while serving that patient base, in compliance with government regulations.   This leaves those individuals without the promised “free”  Obamacare,  which has been  the intention all along.

Dr. Elaina George Points at IPAB, the Death Panel

» The Administration’s Answer To High Healthcare Costs is…. Rationing – Big Government.

The unelected 15 member Death Panel, known as the Independent Payment Advisory Board, is created to ration Obamacare.

Sick people won’t have the energy to fight through the roadblocks that this group will put in the way of obtaining health care, and will obligingly Die, for lack of access to the promised  “free” services.

Dr. Elaina George recognizes both the death panel, and the cronyism that drives Obamacare in her article, linked above.