Obama Care Application at Least as Bad as Your Tax Forms

According to the AP, (which usually shills for Obama),  the part one of the application for Obamacare is an excessively complex, 21 step, 15 page long process for a three person family.   This constitutes only the financial part of the process.  Later there is also the onerous job of picking the health care plan.

This form is mandated, and it will be interesting to see how well the semi-literate members of the population are able to comply.

About 10 years ago, Pharmer obtained  prior understanding  of this kind of burden,  from  a German citizen  who had  refused to fill out his government health care paperwork.  He said that because of this, he had no health care coverage.

Those who are unable to navigate the new Obamacare system should expect to similarly find themselves out in the cold with respect to “healthcare for all”. 


IRS Document Reveals Projected 2016 Cost of Obamacare.

What the IRS thinks that a small family will be paying for Obamacare in 2016 is available on page 56 of this government generated document.  Please pass this link to every “low information voter” you know, particularly those living in the blue states.

If you have a small family, do you think that $20,000 dollars per year to pay for health care insurance alone is “affordable”???  Do you think that this is an improvement over  your current  health insurance  situation?

This IRS document actually deals with the criteria for determining how much penalty would be paid by those who choose not to buy health insurance.  The examples given in the document, specify some estimates of costs  of health care policies for individuals and for families.





Pastors challenge IRS rule with partisan talk – BakersfieldCalifornian.com

Pastors challenge IRS rule with partisan talk – BakersfieldCalifornian.com.

What makes most non profit 501 (C)(3) tax exempt groups so quiet about their causes? Why are they afraid to name names, and speak loudly against the politicians who oppose them? On this past Pulpit Freedom Sunday, more than 1500 Pastors openly defied the 1954 IRS regulation which sought to squash political speech by non profit groups, by scaring them with the IRS boogieman.
In all these 58 years, the IRS has done next to nothing against politically activist churches and non-profits. The IRS has only succeeded in stripping one church of its tax exempt status, in 1992. That particular church in Binghamton, NY ran newspaper ads against Bill Clinton and his positions on abortion and homosexuality.
Since then the IRS has sent only warning letters to a relatively few churches, and since then has had a policy of not enforcing this law.
The Pulpit Freedom Sunday supporters believe that the IRS fears losing ground on this First Amendment issue.

So…….. Why are so many churches and pro-life 501(c)(3) groups so quiet and polite about the political issues which impinge on their cause?
Why don’t they take a chance with their own careers, and income, as so many pro-life health care professionals have been doing? If they led by example, more people would be standing up and taking personal risks to stand up for life.

Don’t forget, the supposedly non-profit, tax funded, and tax exempt planned unparenthood has been openly funding and endorsing candidates for years.

Susan G Komen Foundation Loses It’s Nerve

Susan G. Komen Foundation Reverses Stance, Pledges to Continue Funding Planned Parenthood | TheBlaze.com.

Komen gave in  to the extortion.   They probably received the ultimate pressure.  Pharmer would bet that Komen got a call from the IRS !!!!  Yes, it’s the second thing that came to mind when hearing of this reversal of their original decision.

A normal group would have been angered by the extortion attempt from Planned Parenthood.   The Komen group probably is, but fear is the primary driver that would overcome the anger.   The biggest thing for a non-profit to fear is losing non-profit status.  The next biggest fear is for the leaders to have their own personal reasons for fearing the tax man.   The IRS is the instrument of Obama, who is the protector of planned parenthood.

The first thing that came to Pharmer’s mind:    Now EVERYONE knows that Komen gives to planned unparenthood..   You can find another charity now, or give directly to research organizations.   A while back, Pharmer celebrated Breast Cancer Awareness month by publishing  alternatives to  the Komen foundation.  Click HERE.

*The Christian coalition is an example of a group which gave up non-profit status in order to continue publishing its issues-only voter guide.   Planned unparenthood is an example of a group which has been exempted  from the IRS criteria needed to retain non-profit status.

Government Electric Strategies Let It Avoid Taxes Altogether – NYTimes.com

G.E.’s Strategies Let It Avoid Taxes Altogether – NYTimes.com.

Jeffrey Immelt has a special position as Obama’s Liaison to the Business Community, and as Chairman of the President’s Council on Jobs and Competitiveness.

Immelt’s Company, General Electric is numero uno among U.S. corporations in Tax Avoidance.  Their net payout on (5 billion in profit) to the IRS is Zero.

The company has managed to balance it’s financial statements of profit from the U.S. and abroad so as to be paying zero U.S. taxes.

These kinds of strategies are out of reach for normal U.S. taxpayers, and of course we are not serving on Obama’s special committees.  So we do not have most favored Tax Status. Ronald Reagan had noticed such outsized advantages for large corporations and eliminated many loopholes, while drastically lowering the tax rates for everyone.  In succeeding decades  the large entities regained much of their preferential tax advantages.

In the last 8 years, GE has reduced US employment by 20 percent and has increased overseas employment.  Cumulative overseas profits have increased from $15 billion to $92 billion in that period.   Declaring profits in countries with much lower taxes than the U.S. is highly beneficial to the bottom line

Wouldn’t you like to be multinational too?

IRS screening the non-profit status applicants for political viewpoint

IRS to Jewish group: ‘Does your organization support the existence of the land of Israel?’ – Ben Smith – POLITICO.com.

Z Street,  a Zionist group claims that the IRS is screening non profit status applicants for views favoring Israel.

IRS agent Tracy Dornette apparently questioned this group in writing:

“Does your organization support the existence if Israel? …. Describe your organization’s religious belief system towards the land of Israel.”

This document came to light in a lawsuit filed by Z Street this past summer.

From the Politico:

Z Street claims it was told that the IRS is “carefully scrutinizing organizations that are in any way connected with Israel” and “a special unit” is determining whether it’s activities “contradict the Administration’s public policies”.

OK, line up, pro-life groups………. you’re next.