Is this for Real? Fatwa on Necrophilia

Fatwa: Necrophilia Is An Acceptable Practice In Islam.

Zamzami Abdelbari, an Imam in Morocco is said to have issued a Fatwa that necrophilia is Halal. The marriage vow is valid even after death. He adds that the it’s OK in both directions, but did not specify how a surviving wife could accomplish this.
According to Morrocco Board News, the Imam has suggested that though it is Halal, necrophilia is disgusting, and is best to be avoided.

The Democrats Lost on Abortion, Now Reframe It As Fight for Contraception

Dick Morris has a theory that the Democrats are inventing a mission to save contraception from Republicans who want to ban it
. This is interesting, since there are no Republicans trying to ban it, although there are some who don’t believe that tax payers should have to foot the bill for these recreational drugs.

Abortion is not a big winner with the public. Most, however, have not been informed that using hormones which alter their physiological systems 24/7/365, in order to have a little additional indoor sport, is not medically sound. Face it gurls, you are not your original self while on the pill. The public still thinks it wants birth control. No one is even trying to get rid of it. Pharmer is living decades into the future on this issue, and thinks people will turn to less physiologically disruptive means for reproductive self regulation.

Right now, Dick Morris thinks that the left is putting up birth control as a human right in the place of abortion, and inventing a fight between the Democrats and Republicans on the issue during this campaign. He says it was signified by Stephanopolous questioning Romney on whether States could ban the pill and if they had a right to do so. Santorum was also questioned on the issue. Neither candidate has any history of attempting to ban birth control. Historically such a ban was dealt with in the Griswold vs. Connecticut Supreme Court decision.

Of course a state could do ANYTHING it wanted to until it is stopped. Obama is doing that now, with his insurance mandate making people buy things that they don’t want to.
In North Carolina, a state agent has been caught taking away school kids lunches and billing the parents for substitutes fed to the kids from the school cafeteria. School lunches must now meet USDA standards. Romney’s own state made people buy health insurance. So yes, a state could ban birth control until someone stopped them. But such a ban is not an issue now, and not a thing which the Republicans care about.

Even the United States Catholic Church has ceased preaching against artificial birth control. Paul Rahe professor of history from Hillsdale College has written a hugely significant piece explaining how the U.S. Bishops sold out to the socialists in exchange for the false charity of redistributing the wealth. Rahe points out that in the 13 years he has been attending Church, since returning, he has heard NO sermons or messages regarding birth control, though he has attended at many different locations. Pharmer concurs that this preaching has almost totally ceased. Many pastors try avoid the issue of abortion also, being afraid to disturb the 40 percent of females who have had abortions at some time in their lives. In doing this, they also fail to offer the women a means of healing or repentance. (Pharmer places the “healing” first, since so many abortions are coerced.)

Rahe points out that the Catholic Church is now reaping the results of its multi-generational dance with socialism. The U.S. Church, like that in Europe and Canada is losing its ability to teach its religious tenets, due to government suppression.
Yesterday 2/14, Rahe published a followup article detailing the years of Cardinal Bernardin and his influence on the US Catholic Church. Those who avail themselves of the pro-life news media have been reading and commenting on these trends for decades. Now the larger conservative media venues have noticed. We see present day referrals to what for us is OLD news. This is a trend which affects all religions, not just Catholics. The religion with the best defense against this is Islam, since it lacks a teaching to turn the other cheek.

In a nutshell you see Obama pressing an agenda to make everyone pay for other people’s recreational birth control drugs/abortifacients/sterilizations. At the same time he has possibly ordered Reid allow a vote to undo this. Simultaneously, the Dems will present Republican resistance to forcing religious people pay for these drugs, as an effort to BAN the substances altogether. It’s how the lefties campaign.

Keep your focus on the issue of individual freedom and self determination, and not on this crazy shell game that the democrats are presenting.

Related: Many rantings from your friendly rural pharmacist on the U.S. Catholic Bishops. So many of them exchanged religious freedom for state controlled wealth redistribution.

Leftist Media Opposes Religious Diversity Among Christians

Santorum Staffer Under Fire for Sexist Email: Is It God’s Highest Desire…to Have a Woman Rule? |

The media is now in a feeding frenzy regarding a private email from a campaign staffer, Jamie Johnson, of  the Santorum campaign, because that person is not ready to have a female president of the United States.

The email, detailed above, was sent through his private account, not the campaign account,  was passed to Bachmann’s campaign, and then exposed publicly.

Pharmer, ever vigilant to the gaping inconsistencies of leftist policy draws the gentle reader’s attention to the most favored religion of our media and academic institutions:  Islam.

Islam regards women as a  natural repository of evil, and source of temptation.  The afterlife prospects of Islamic women are not good, and there is persistent segregation and suppression of the females in Islamic cultures.  In Sharia law is acceptible to punish a woman for being raped.

Hopefully that will put in to proportion the media consternation that the Santorum campaign contains a staffer who does not think a woman should be president of the United States.

The religion of Rick Santorum himself contains no such restriction.


Aghanistan: Woman Must Choose Between Prison and Marrying her Rapist

Afghan Woman Gulnaz to Marry Rapist or Serve 12 Year Prison Sentence | Video |

Gulnaz was raped and impregnated when she was 19 years old.  Now she is in prison with her young daughter and has the choice to stay there for 12 years, or marry her rapist (and risk death from an honor killing).

The rapist of course is not in prison.

Pelosi, Grand Kleagle  of the Feminazis, has plenty to say about the ‘atrocity’ of refusing to pay for and participate in abortion.  She finds that Catholics  have a this “conscience thing”….. but does she have a problem with the way that some of these whacko Islamic cultures treat women?

Do you hear the Silence of the Feminazis?

Just in Time for Ramadan: Abominations from Twisted Sharia

New Saudi Fatwa Defends Pedophilia as ‘Marriage’ :: Raymond Ibrahim.

Dr. Salih  bin Fawzin,  held in high esteem in Saudi Arabia as a member of its highest religious council, has issued a fatwa defending child rape within the confines of a muslim marriage.  He states that Sharia has no minimum age for marriage and that it may be consummated as soon as the “husband” thinks the little girl can “bear his weight”.

A result of this torture of girls has spawned the advocacy of sex slavery by a whacko female Kuwaiti activist.    Apparently  she’s grossed out by the men in her social circles.

Meet Salwa al-Mutairi, who would sell out women from other countries just to distract her own guys elsewhere.  Pharmer assumes that her personal  experiences with men have not been good.

Follow this link for al Mutairi’s priceless quotes.

One wonders if this news has wrecked the religious season for rational Muslims and if they’d like to give some response to the above mentioned individuals.

Pharmer would like to call your attention to the parallel practice  of planned parenthood in aiding and abetting sex slavery.  Could it be from similar motivations?

Bill O’Reilly – Qaddafi Brutalities

Bill O’Reilly speaks to Wafa Sultan, author of the book, “A God who Hates”. Dr. Sultan discusses the plight of women under Sharia law, which persecutes/kills women who dare to bring charges of rape.

Go to The Blaze for an update on the story of Iman al-Obeidi who was raped by Qadaffi supporters and has publicly accused them of this crime.
Possibly world-wide publicity of her precarious situation will cause her life to be spared.

Would Muslims Have a Cultural Objection to Planned Parenthood’s Idea of Emancipation?

Planned Parenthood Tried to Force Raped Teen to Have Abortion |

It seems that the work of Live Action has inspired others to dig up the bones at Planned Parenthood.

According to this 2008  story, and police reports,  Planned Parenthood held a 14 year old girl, who had been made pregnant by an adult male, in their custody over the objections of the girl’s father, and a police officer.

The Planned Parenthood employee,Andrea Smasne, stated that once a girl is pregnant, she is emancipated, and claimed that the father of this 14 year old statutory rape victim had no right to take his daughter home.

The police officer was advised by Kennewick  city Atty, Eric Eisinger  that planned parenthood was interfering with parental custodial rights, (Custodial interference section 26.28).  The officer  proceeded to use this information to extract the girl from the clinic and send her home with her father.

Read the police report here.

Also learn about the many pro-life groups in Washington state, attempting to stem the cultural decay of that state.

This idea of a planned parenthood clinic holding a 14 year old, and attempting to send her with a statutory rapist to another clinic for a late term (22 week) abortion got Pharmer to thinking….   what would MUSLIMS think of this abrogation of family structure and order?  Would they like to join the various Christian sects in vociferously protesting this obamanation?

NASA main mission to promote better relations with the Muslim world – NASA Chief: Next Frontier Better Relations With Muslim World.

Forget outer space……. NASA chief Charles Bolden say’s his agency’s main mission is exploring the inner space of the Muslim’s minds.  His job is to make Muslims love US.

Not only is this a misuse of NASA, which was founded for the purpose of space exploration, and is filled with scientists who don’t do diplomacy, it is a mission doomed to failure.

Bolden’s boss,  Obama  does not believe in the personal disciplines and restrictions taught in Islam.   He flouts most of them.  Certainly he romanticizes the trappings and ritual of Islam, but the discipline part of it is lost on him.  For that reason,  he will never have the respect of Muslims.

This also holds true for our leftists who have paradoxically embraced the outer shell of Islam, while remaining blissfully oblivious of its strict social and job segregation of women,  its Old Testament-style  treatment of criminals,  it’s anti-abortion ethic, etc. Leftists have opposed the social standards of Islam for centuries,  and now are inexplicably drawn to it, due to their unresolved conflicts with Christian forebears.

Likely there will be massive personnel changes within NASA, with ejection of most of those who perform science and engineering functions,  and replacement by lawyers and diplomats.