Bob McCarty: Another Farm Raid Hits Rabbit Expert Debe Bell

Denver Media Outlets Fail to Cover Multitude of Juicy Stories Behind Recent Rabbit Farm Raid – Big Journalism.

After a warrant-less entry and search, cops removed the rabbits from Debi Bell’s farm and placed them in inappropriate  conditions of storage at the Jefferson County fairgrounds. (The search warrant was produced after the search, and decision to remove the rabbits was made.)  Some of the rabbits belonged to 4-H kids who were raising them to be shown at the fairs.

This bust by the Jefferson County Sheriff in Colorado has caused farmers to be afraid to show small animals at the Colorado State Fair.

They’re afraid that their farms will be busted too, just like that of  Debi Bell.  This is even after the  State fair officials have  extended the deadline of entry and agreed not to display the names of rabbit owners in order to protect them from the nuts who have caused the arrest of Debi Bell.

Bloggers, please hit the links above and pass this story on.  Apparently the local press in Colorado needs to be goaded into covering the facts of this story.

You might  feel moved to contact the Jefferson County, Colorado Sheriff’s office to inquire about the case.  Here’s the Animal Control Office Contact info.

The House Rabbit Society is apparently associated with this raid and may need your attention also.  Here’s the Colorado chapter link. Maybe they need advice on how to tend to animals which their volunteers  help to remove from farms.

Foothills Animal Shelter is adopting out (SELLING) Debe’s bunnies on Weds Aug 17.

You can contact them too !