Penn State Accepts It’s Punishment from NCAA

Penn State Nittany Lions hit with $60 million fine, 4-year bowl ban, wins dating to 1998 – ESPN.

The NCAA has acted on the report from Louis Freeh, which outlines the role of Joe Paterno and other Penn State officials in covering up Coach Jerry Sandusky’s sexual abuse of boys.

With heretofore unheard of speed and severity, the NCAA has slapped the Penn State football team with a 60 million dollar fine,  a collection of financially crippling sanctions, and redaction of Paterno’s wins since 1998. A former chairman of the committee on infractions has stated that the NCAA normally does not intervene  in criminal matters involving college sports personnel.

Countless uninvolved parties will share in the burden and costs incurred by the actions of a select few individuals.  Pharmer expects  this  60 million dollar ruling  to make the NCAA and many lawyers richer, while it makes students poorer.

Lawsuits by any affected parties, to appeal  this ruling, are likely futile, because the University has admitted culpability and signed onto the  consent decree  of NCAA penalties  with no objections and agreed that there would be no legal recourse.

The Sandusky Blitz

What is it? A flavor of ice cream which was offered at the Penn State Creamery until a few days ago. featured a story about the Sandusky Blitz, which is banana flavored, caramel swirl with chocolate covered peanuts. This flavor has been pulled, though the Peachy Paterno flavor remains.
It appears that Sandusky had become a legend at Penn state, from the ice cream evidence, for more than his coaching role.
Also at the Big Lead is another conceptualization of the ultimate dessert in honor of Jerry Sandusky, an image with which Rush Limbaugh regaled his audience, while unknowingly agreeing with Pharmer that MUCH more is to come out of this Penn State Scandal.

Related: Sandusky lives next to an Elementary School, and was released on unsecured bond.

Related: The Citadel Military College in South Carolina has announced a missed opportunity to catch an alleged pedophile, one Louis “Skip” Reville, four years ago. Reville, a principal at Coastal Christian Preparatory School, is currently charged with six felony offenses separate from the offenses reported while he served as a camp counselor at the Citadel (from which he had graduated).

After Charges of Perjury, Two Penn State Officials Resign

2 Penn State officials tied to sex abuse case step down –

Timothy Curley, Athletic Director, and Gary Schultz, Senior VP for finance and business are stepping down from their posts after being accused of perjury in the sex abuse case of former coach Jerry Sandusky. Curley is placed on administrative leave, and Schultz is retiring.  The University is paying for their legal defense, since it pertains to their performance of their jobs.

Both are under fire for failing to report the sex abuse incidents brought to their attention to authorities, and for lying about having been told of the incident.

**Grand Jury Investigative report on Jerry Sandusky’s alleged sex activities with boys.
This details some of the failures of Penn State officials to report the incidents.


Released on the Weekend to Protect Penn State

Penn State AD Tim Curley charged with perjury in sexual abuse case – College Football News | FOX Sports on MSN.

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A former athletic coach, defensive coordinator of Penn State has been arrested and charged with 40 counts of various sex crimes and related offenses with minors.  Specified among the charges are 10 boys who were pre-adolscent to early teenage at the time of the encounters with one Jerry Sandusky.

Sandusky retired in 1999 from the university, but started a charitable outreach for young boys and used university facilities for some of his programs  (and allegedly also sex) with the boys.  In 2009,  suspicion caused the University officials to ban Sandusky from bringing his boys on campus.

What caused the suspicion?

A janitor and a grad student  had  each reported witnessing separate incidents of Sandusky molesting young boys, years before.  Allegedly  Sandusky was using the university property  to seek out his own preference  of happy valley.

It’s 2011 now….. and finally there is some response from the law to theses allegations.

Greg Couch at Fox Sports  asks why no one helped these young boys when the incidents were witnessed.   The graduate student is said to have promptly reported the incident to university officials who apparently dropped the ball.

Two of them, Tim Curley,  Athletic Director,  and Gary Schultz, Vice President of finance and business  are now charged with perjury and are expected to turn themselves into the police on Monday.  Joe Paterno the Penn State footlball coach is under fire for his insufficient response to the allegations.

Sandusky, now 67 years old,  has been arraigned on his collection of  40 charges, and has been released on a surprisingly low  $100,000 bond.

Pharmer will be watching and comparing the media response to the allegations against Penn State  officials and ex employees, to see if it measures up to their response to reports of sexual offenses by clergymen.