Fear of Libel Lawsuits Spreads in the Media

Doonesbury pulled from Chicago Tribune this week – chicagotribune.com.

Doonesbury is a  newspaper comic strip which still appears in the Chicago Tribune – except this week it’s being excluded.

There is Palin-o-phobia, because Sarah is a private citizen and can sue for libel now.  The old and moldy comic strip broached the topics found in the latest Palin slamming book penned by the pervert, who rented the house next door to the ex-gov  in Wasilla.

There is such fear among the media elites (after combing Sarah’s emails and finding no titillating elements), that they won’t even give the pervert’s book a favorable review.   Even the New York Times  panned it.

Why did Palin delay announcing whether or not she would run for president?    It has mitigated the behavior of  the press to  a significant degree.


If Joe McGinniss is only interested in Palin’s public life

then why did this kinko “Author”  move in next door?

From Real Clear Politics is an ABC video showing their reporter being shooed away by Joe McGinniss, who threatened to call the Wasilla police.

Apparently the author likes His privacy.  He has no trespassing signs up all over the property which he is renting for five months, to watch the home life of the Palins.

Palins have quickly built a fence to block McGinniss’s view of Piper’s bedroom and their “swimming hole”.

Kurt Schlichter, at Big Journalism, takes a virtual walk through the mind of McGinniss.