Chris Plante Radio Show in DC takes Caller Who was Concieved in Rape

Listening to Ken, a caller to the Chris Plante Show in Washington DC who relates the circumstances of his birth and adoption, following a heated discussion about abortion for women who have been raped. It’s nine minutes well spent. At age 30, he met his birth mother and found that he was conceived when she was raped at age 15. She went to Catholic Charities to receive assistance and handle the adoption of her baby boy. Ken gives an eloquent appeal for the lives of kids resulting from rape. Listen up, and please pass it on. Also please remember that Catholic Charities adoptions services have been forcibly closed down in various locations (including Washington DC) because they won’t make arrangements for gay couples.

Fall Guy: Kenneth Melson, acting ATF chief, gets moved

Ken Melson, the interim head of the ATF takes the fall for Obama administration’s (very illegal)  Fast and Furious Operation.  This guy met privately with Congressman Issa’s  investigative committee earlier this summer.  Perhaps this places the Obama administration on a tightrope.  They moved Melson to the Office of Legal Policy,  as a  senior adviser on forensic science.  Perhaps this is where they can keep him close by, where it’s easiest to watch him.

via Kenneth Melson, acting ATF chief, steps down – Jennifer Epstein –

Meanwhile…. U.S. attorney for Arizona, Dennis Burke, who felt so unhealthy when questioned by the Congressional investigators of Fast and Furious, that they had to stop,  has resigned from his post.

The rats are running for cover.