Dan Savage: Too Gross for America’s Kids

Dan Savage of the “It Gets Better” campaign is the latest favorite of the White house. Obama dumped “Safe Schools Czar” Kevin Jennings in order to clean house for the election year.  Among Jennings problems  was the underage sex issue, and the seriously pornographic stuff he had passed out to minors as sex education materials.    The alignment of the White House with the likes of the unglued  Dan Savage would be questionable in any portion of the political cycle.

Warning….. Dan Savage is the guy who invented the “google Santorum” nastiness, and he’s nothing but gross. Bear that in mind if you choose to listen to a compendium of his public comments in the video below, which ranges from fantasies about sex with the unwilling, to extremely   inappropriate advice for minors.  (Language and content warning.)  Savage  is in recent hot water for attacking Christian students at one of his so called anti-bullying rallies.

Imbalance of the Sexes in China

There are reported to be 32 million more boys than girls in China under the age of 20, says this Discover article, citing the BMJ.

A milder appearing take  (which really cites the trouble guys of marrying age within 10 years) states that 24 million guys will be mateless AND dateless by 2020. 

Both versions cite the selective abortion practices in China as the main cause of this significant societal problem.

Rather than kidnapping women and girls  from other nations to fill the void in these men’s lives, perhaps some consultation and education from our “safe schools czar”, Kevin Jennings would fill the bill.*   Pharmer is certain that Kevin  has plenty of suggestions, as well as a little black book from GLSEN.

*sarcasm disclaimer for the clueless

If the first salvo didn’t nauseate you enough

Heeeere’s Fistgate II.  

Apparently Tufts University., a year after Fistgate One,    saw fit to host  high school students again, that they might receive more instruction on fisting, with the distribution of special kits usable for that practice or for constructing a mouth dam, in case they’d like to orally engage that same anatomical area.

Recall that the Fistgate presentations are brought to you by GLSEN,  Kevin Jennings; organization..

One might, by inference assume that since Jennings is considered a ‘safe schools czar’  Obama, his boss, considers the GLSEN progams to be safe and appropriate for your children.

While the Duke University Health Center administration  finds it important to tell the students how to have anal intercourse properly  (as if this were possible) there is a caution AGAINST the  fisting  practices which GLSEN touted to the Massachusetts high school students. 

No plunges are  barred at Tufts, which has been excluded from consideration as an institution of higher learning for the progeny of Pharmer.

Kevin Jennings and "Fistgate" (contains potentially objectionable material)

Remember Kevin Jennings, Obama’s safe schools czar?   He’s under fire now for promoting explicitly sick books for schoolkids to read.  Specifically it  is GLSEN, the organization Jennings founded and led,  which has done this work, and another organization called Mass Resistance has sunk it’s teeth into GLSEN and Jennings, and will not let go.

The latest is a taped presentation by GLSEN to 14 year old kids, which includes a description of the process of fisting, an activity which is physically a bad idea for anyone, regardless of age.

Pharmer recommends to any people to whom This presentation is given, that they ask the presenters if they feel that this a significant cause of observed lower gastrointestinal disease, rectal tearing and fecal incontinence.  Also ask if Obama-care resources would be sufficient to deal with these troubles.