Live Action: Planned Parenthood LIVE and undoctored: Three More Clinics

Here is a THREE PACK of videos from three more Planned Parenthood’s in Virginia from Live Action. Quotes accompanying the videos come from the script and site, AFTER the undercover actor identified himself as a manager of underage sex workers. All three videos are unedited, full length, even including a trip to the bathroom by the pimp, with sound effects.

Roanoke Virginia: Planned Parenthood staffer to the pimp: “From the age of 12 up, for birth control,
you can just come in and do that. You don’t have to have a parent,

Charlottesville Virginia: Planned Parenthood Staffer to the pimp: “Anybody here can help you. Everything
here is confidential. We can’t give any information out.”

Falls Church Virginia: Planned Parenthood Staffer to the pimp: Planned Parenthood staffer: “We don’t necessarily look at the legal status, like I said. Abortion appointments do require photo ID. It’s
nothing as far as records. It’s just photo ID that’s ever going to be required.”

There is evidence online that people who work to save kids from sex slavery have become disgusted with planned parenthood. This is as it should be. Here’s an example. Be sure to read the statement in that article from Dottie Laster, a foremost U.S. authority on the matter of child slavery.   Here’s an excerpt:

“After viewing the Planned Parenthood video my first thoughts were of the victims I have served over the last 8 years. Specifically the women and girls — their horrendous statements of rape, gang rapes, torture, branding, starvation, extortions, assault and their reports of repeated forced abortions and miscarriages due to the trauma they received. I have often wondered where these multiple abortions took place and how medical professionals had not seen the extensive trauma to their bodies, spirits and souls.”

Live Action has “ACORNed”* planned parenthood and much of the mainstream media in a single operation.

Pharmer thanks them for their service to our country.

There will not be the use of the searing images associated with sex slavery in this article as an impetus for readers to help spread the word.  Below are some links for people who need a little booster to help stop an entrenched group of corrupt businesses which have fostered and profited from much human misery.


I’m Not Buying It

Polaris Project

Courtney’s House

Salvation Army

* ACORNverb– to systematically use technology and effective undercover agents to expose the inherent corruption inside an organization, establishment or institution.

As Promised MORE VIDEO: Live Action Nails Virginia Planned Parenthood

More help is supplied to a Pimp in managing his underage (14 and 15 yo) sex slaves.

Judicial bypass or travel to Washington DC are given as possibilities for getting around Virginia parental consent laws. IUDs and Nuvaring are suggested for the young girls who could not remember to take a pill every day.

Here is the full footage video used to make the above short version.

Live Action Full Footage Video at Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood had protested that Live Action’s sting video at one of their New Jersey Facilities was a hoax, edited and misleading.  So the full footage video has been made available.  It exists in two segments at YouTube.
Part 1

Part 2

Here’s where to locate the Live Action AUDIO after You Tube removes it. DOWNLOAD MP3

It was the job of the pro-life blogosphere to make this information available as widely as possible so that the mainstream media could not ignore it without looking stupid. Pharmer dutifully submitted it to Drudge and Rush Limbaugh, as well as featuring it, (as has been done from Live Action’s early days). CNN has picked up the story.

Wandering over to Jill Stanek’s, Pharmer picked up this nauseating Quote from Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schulz, D Fl., who equates the Republican attempt to stop the tax payer funding of abortion with extreme disdain for women. From CBS News:
“In an interview with Hotsheet, Democratic Florida Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schulz called the bill “nothing short of a violent act against women.” She equated denying federal funds to a rape victim with the “hijacking of a woman’s independence.”

“I don’t know how anybody could suggest that there is any rape that is acceptable,” she said. “I just think it sends a very clear message direct from the heart of the Republican party to women in America about exactly how Republicans feel about women.”

Pharmer would like to give Schulz a taste of her own medicine. Amy Woodruff of Planned Parenthood, (Perth Amboy facility) and the many more which have been revealed, and are yet to be revealed, exemplify what Congress-hag Debbie Wasserman Schulz D Fl. thinks of of GIRLS: that it’s OK to enslave them for sex, and to utilize our tax dollars to conceal these crimes.

Perhaps if more people pick their ‘favorite’ pro-abortion politicians and stick their names to these videos, for example, Dick Durbin, Obama, the phony Steve Driehaus, Nancy Pelosi they will begin to rethink their political strategy and curb their UNCIVIL Rhetoric (and lawsuits) aimed at pro-life people.

After first claiming that the Live Action films are a hoax, planned parenthood has since fired manager Amy Woodruff. Fired for a hoax???? “Under the Bus”, Amy.

Watch for more Planned Parenthood sting. This is nowhere near the end of the story.