James O’Keefe and the Telephone Men give Their Side of the Story

From statements to their lawyers, the account, linked below,  is compiled to reveal the planning and execution of the Louisiana phone caper in Mary Landrieu’s office.

As mentioned  earlier,  O’Keefe and compatriots were arrested and charged for dressing up as telephone repair men and interviewing the people in Mary Landrieu’s office.  Apparently, from previous accounts, one of them also touched a phone!!!

This was a MAJOR BUST by the federal marshals and FBI!

OKeefe gets a fine and community service for Louisiana phone caper

Activist guilty in phone caper at senator’s office.

James O’Keefe,  memorable for his pimp costume in the video series which exposed the corruption of ACORN,  gets a fine, community service and probation for entering a federal building under false pretenses.   His group  was apparently  checking to see if Senator Mary Landrieu’s message box was really full.  😉

For this small penalty, O’Keefe got a ton of extra international media exposure for his ACORN video sting operation.   Comparable internet ad time would have been waaaaaaaaay more expensive.

ACORN has since gone bankrupt, and split into baby acorns with new names.

Best wishes for these intrepid investigators and hopes for more   video hits  from  Mr. O’Keefe and friends.

Chalk that Louisiana phone caper into the Plus column.