Operation Rescue: Haskell Watch

Cincinnati Right to Life has reported to Operation Rescue that an ambulance has transported a patient from the Womans Med Center in Sharonville, Ohio during the morning of March 28,2012.

Dr Steven Brinn, a pediatrician in a neighboring office,  stated that the woman was being bagged (breathing assistance) and carried out on a stretcher by paramedics.

Haskell  lacks hospital privileges required for abortion practices by Ohio law.  He has a variance fpr the Sharonville clinic because two other physicians have agreed to cover his “accidents”.  One of them is William T Bowers III, who is under probation in Ohio, under criminal  investigation in Indiana, and who has lost his license to practice obstetrics in Kentucky.

Haskell operates an abortion clinic in Kettering, staffed by Roslyn Kade and Neil Strickland.  Three doctors who cover for their abortions at Miami Valley Hospital, Dayton OH,  are Lawrence Amesse, Sheela Barhan and Janice Duke.

Operation Rescue details the possible reasons why Haskell has obtained preferential treatment from politicians, and exemption from compliance with Ohio’s law requiring that abortionists have hospital admitting privileges.  Click HERE.

Haskell and former Sen John Glenn had a history of mutual assistance.  Glenn appointed Haskell’s supporting,  Federal District Court Judge, Algenon Marbley.  Haskell is vice president of Beta Theta Pi, a prestigious fraternity with such luminary members  as Sen. Richard Lugar, and former  Senators  Dick Gephart, Mark Hatfield, and Bob Packwood.

Pharmer would like to remind the public that many “accidents” at the abortion clinics, which do not occur while pro-life protesters are stationed outside, remain hidden.   Health care professionals and institutions fear reprisals if any patient identifying data  were to  be accidentally given if they were to reveal  abortion related injuries and deaths.

Late-Term Abortionist Martin Haskell Allowed to Avoid Ohio Law | LifeNews.com

Late-Term Abortionist Martin Haskell Allowed to Avoid Ohio Law | LifeNews.com.

Much to the disgust of Sharonville Mayor Vergil Lovitt,  late term abortionist, Martin Haskell,  has been granted a special variance to skirt the Ohio law requiring him to have a transfer agreement or priveleges at an area hospital in order to operate an abortion clinic.

Governor  Ted Strickland allowed an exception which permitted the opening of Haskell’s new clinic in Sharonville,  the Women’s Med Center at 11250 Lebanon Road.  His health department director, Ted Wymyslo subsequently liberalized the variance, so that it extends indefinitely,  past the retirement of Haskell.   The clinic operates by having his partner, Roselyn Kade and two off site doctors,  David Schwartz and Walter J Bowers handle emergency situations (botched abortions).

Mayor Lovitt says that there have already been such mishaps within a year of the clinic opening, and specifically mentioned two of them.  Says the mayor: ” These complications are difficult to track and there are probably more than we know.” 

One of the functions of the HIPAA regulations is to generate fear of reporting such events as abortion complications, and medication related adverse effects, so the Mayor is most certainly correct.

Other  Haskell abortion facilities  continue to operate in Dayton, Ohio, and Indianapolis, Indiana.