Benghazi: Waiting for the Media to Catch UP

Ben Shapiro, at has summarized the frustration that people in the New Media feel about waiting for the Old (decrepit) media to catch up.

Pro-lifers feel his pain.  We always have to wait years, and even decades for the lamestream media to report on what we have known forever.  There is the constant derision coming from the media elites, followed years later by their admission that we were correct all along.

In the case of the attack on the American Consulate in Benghazi, the media covered up an Obama administration cover up, so that BHO could be reelected.  Now that all the participating parties, except for Barry himself, have moved on to other jobs,  the Old Media is now forced to reveal some of the facts.  In doing so, they’re pretending that they were played as dupes for months by Obama and Hillary Clinton.

We know better.   Obama got re-elected, and he got away with ANOTHER coverup, similar to that of the Fast and Furious debacle.  Unlike the Nixon coverup,  Obama’s crimes have initially cost hundreds of lives and damaged U.S. foreign relations.   Many more lives will be lost due to our nation’s resultant loss of stature on the world stage.

The Benghazi story, which will be made clear in upcoming testimony by whistleblowers, is one more reason for people to stop viewing or reading the Old media, and turn to the internet for their news.



Psssst, They’re All Democrats, but that’s a secret

Ex-city manager among 8 arrested in Calif. scandal.

You won’t find the party affiliation of these 8 overpaid civil servants from the small town of  Bell, California anywhere in the lamestream press.

Rest assured, they’re all democrats. This group has been under investigation for their massive salaries, abuse of funds and voter fraud.

Look hard in this AP story……….. no party name is attached  to the City manager who made in excess of $800,000 yearly, the police chief who made $457,000, and the assistant city manager who made $376,000.  Four city council members were getting over $100,000 for part time work.

For the full scoop on these scandal-ridden Democrats…….visit Newsbusters.