Newsbusters: Media Has Lost Clout

Piers Morgan Tells Huntsman ‘I’ve Never Seen Any Candidate Who Has Got Better Press’ Poll So Low |

Slip of the tongue from Piers Morgan, who commented on the ineffectual state of the old mainstream media: “I’ve never seen any candidate who has got better press or had more people say he’s a great guy, he’d be perfect, who was polling so low”

He admitted that the media has a love affair with Jon Huntsman, Republican presidential candidate, who is still polling in the tank.  There seems to be nothing the press can do to bolster this guy’s appeal.

Conservatives aren’t paying attention to the lamestream media anymore.

Trash Science News Headline Misleads News Skimmers

Doctors Claim HIV-Positive Man Cured by Stem Cell Transplant –

1) This is the case of an HIV infected person with leukemia getting a BONE MARROW transplant, (actually two of them).

2) The headline says “stem cells”, without specifying that this is old technology using adult bone marrow cells from a compatible donor.

3) The donor cells in this case lacked  expression of the receptor on CD4  T  cells  to which the HIV virus attaches.

4) The recipient does not have the AIDs  symptoms of HIV anymore, and will not have to take antiretroviral drugs.  He will have to take immunosuppressive drugs after the transplant to prevent  or treat graft vs host disease.   The length of need for these drugs varies.

5) The virus can still potentially be transmitted by a patient to another person  after that form of treatment.

More  detail on this case.