From Left of Center…….. lib explains that Cinco de Mayo is a Beer Holiday

Viva Cinco De Mayo – ocularnervosa – Open Salon.

If you’d be disbelieving to hear it from the right thinkers………  take it from the other side.  Corona Beer Company inflated a minor date in Mexican history to sell its product in the U.S.

People here in the U.S.  are going nutz,  thinking this is a special day to Mexicans,  but nope………. it’s significant only to those who are well versed in  their history, and they don’t even get a day off work to commemorate Mexico rebuffing an attack from France.

This makes that  action of the Live Oaks School officials  in Morgan Hill, CA, to demand that students remove their American Flag clothing, or go home on Cinco de Mayo  even more ridiculous.

There will be first amendment based lawsuits.