Colorado GOP says Santorum won

Colorado Republican Party.

It’s so pretty, early this Weds AM. The map of Colorado has turned all red, meaning that all the precincts have reported. And the numbers on the side say Santorum, 40.24% and Romney 34.9 % and Gingrich 12.81%.

Expect the Missouri results, the Minnesota results and the Colorado results to be counted as insignificant by the media which needs Romney to go up against Obama and lose.

Top Secret: Regions Hospital Closing Abortion Clinic

When four or five abortion supporters gather to protest, the media is there, but events such as Forty Days for Life, an ongoing, National prayer vigil occurring twice yearly flies under the radar.
Here’s one example of repeated large prayer gatherings causing the closing of the abortion clinic within Regions Hospital, in St. Paul Minnesota.
Pro-Life Action Ministries in St Paul had worked for years to have this clinic closed. With the backing of Forty Days for Life, which has brought added numbers to their efforts, finally they have seen success.

Announcements of this closing have made no mention of the many hundreds of people gathered in prayer outside the hospital during the Forty Days for Life campaigns.

Immigrant left Vietnam to Escape Religious Persecution

Arsonist sets Jesus statue on fire |

..only to find that it continues here in the U.S.  Tuan Pham  was imprisoned in Vietnam for his Catholic beliefs.   He later emigrated to the U.S.  only to find hostility towards his religious beliefs and practice in Minnesota.

An arsonist set fire to a 7 foot statue of Jesus which Mr. Pham  had  placed in his prayer garden.  The city of St. Paul  is also demanding that the statue be moved, having received a complaint about its visibility.