Chinese Firefighters Rescue Newborn Flushed Down Toilet

Tenants in the Chinese city of Jinhua called firefighters when they heard a baby crying on the fourth floor, Saturday, 5/25/13.  The responders rescued a baby boy from a toilet sewage pipe. He was a new born with the placenta still attached. The infant has survived the ordeal, and, as expected after a post-birth abortion attempt,  no parent has come to claim him. The U.S., with its Gosnell, Karpen, and others, can claim no moral superiority in this matter.

Video is available HERE
firefighter rescues baby flushed down toilet

toilet baby rescued in China

Watch video here. <—

UPDATE with more pics:   Mom claims it was an accident. 


Mom Delivers Baby in Toilet of Kings Mill Hospital, UK

The latest in a collection of tales from the world of socialized medicine:

Mother gives birth in hospital toilet bowl as midwives ‘ignore calls for help’ | Mail Online.

Sharon Willoughby and Richard Sum are considering action against Kings Mill Hospital  in Nottinghamshire, for a maltreatment they and their baby recieved this past November.

Their baby, now 10 weeks old was delivered into a toilet after Willoughby’s cries for help were ignored by staff.  They had given her labor inducing drugs, but, the patient says, she had not been examined for progress of the birth.

Sum fished the baby out of the toilet. Their cries and pages for help went unanswered for 15 more  minutes  because the nurses ‘thought she was asking for tea’.  Sum  helped baby and mom back into the hospital room, then had to leave them to summon assistance.

Willoughby required  a transfusion due to blood loss, and remained in the hospital for three more days.