Christian Copts Rehabilitation Center for Handicapped Targeted for Demolition in Egypt

Pakistan Christian Post.

Look where you have to go to get news of what’s happening to Christians in Egypt.

Ahmed Dia-el-Din, Governor of Minya has been extorting huge amounts of money from Coptic Christians.  He demanded that families in the village of Saeed Abdelmassih  come up with a million pounds or donate land to build a mosque in  this place which has no Muslims.  When they refused to pay, he ordered demolition of three homes, which was accomplished on Feb 28th.   The governor is also threatening to demolish a Coptic  community center  (Mallawi Diocese) which serves for rehabilitation and education of special needs youth.   So far, demonstrations and anger from the Coptic communities have forstalled this.

The Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights has reported 53  actions by Muslims against Copts  from 2008 to 2010,  Of 29 districts,  the Minya governorate leads the pack  with 21 incidents.

Memorializing Pakistani Minister for Minorities, Shahbaz Bhatti

An interview with Minister Bhatti prior to his assassination, on March 2  which a colleague shared with the media after his assassination by Islamic extremists,  and which was  disseminated by Al Jazeera English.

“I have struggled for a long time for justice and equality. If I change my stance today, who will speak out? I am mindful that I can be assassinated any time, but I want to live in history as a courageous man.”   -Shabbaz Bhatti

Pharmer adds a little assist to accomplish the minister’s wish.

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