Bozell: The TeaPartiers are Not His Cup of Tea

Bozell: O’Donnell’s reaction to Piers Morgan was ‘downright bizarre’ –

This above opinion piece, supplied to CNN, perhaps to comfort them over their lost air time with Christine O’Donnell, castigates said former Tea Party candidate  for walking out on an interview with Piers Morgan.

It is worth monitoring which pundits might be  moving over to the elitist side, because ‘we the people’ need to know who our real friends are.

The elitists are identified by their attacks on us  normal folk, the unwashed American citizenry who  feel the call to right the wrongs of government, and particularly  the portion who attempt to run for office.

Mr. Bozell’s opinion was cross posted over at News Busters, where Pharmer found it, and posted the following reply:
Says Mr. Bozell: “O’Donnell had no right to reject the questions.”……….. “O’Donnell had no right to walk off the set.”

Sorry, Mr. Bozell,  this is still America.   O’Donnell was not on that set by contractual agreement, nor force of any law.  Therefore she was free to end the interview at any time.  Also the media people can throw an interviewee off at any time.   Those of us who have played the media game understand how this works.

It might have been in O’Donnell’s best interest to hang around, and smear little Piers with his own questions, but  not many people watch CNN, and she’s probably well aware that her interests lie elsewhere.

As for sexuality issues……. Most of those “positions” were pulled out of the inexperienced  O’Donnell because the media was having a field game with her religious affiliation.

Piers had O’Donnell on for a bit of sex-talk, and she apparently  wasn’t in the mood.   It’s a woman’s Right to say “no”.

ABC, NBC, CBS Pantsed again

Bozell Column: Our Deficit-Enabling Media |

Read up as the hypocrisy of the big three networks  (all having completed layoffs of  their own workers for financial reasons)  is exposed.

All three are decrying the effort of Sen. Jim Bunning to enforce the recently passed  PAYGO legislation,  which requires that any new spending be offset by eliminating an equal amount of old spending.    He’s held up the latest unemployment spending,   saying that it needs to come out of the old TARP funds in order to be adherent to the new law.

While ABC attacks Bunning, for example, it has just recently fired 400 of its own employees, as a cost cutting measure.  HEARTLESS!  CBS has also cut back just recently, while NBC did its  major chopping of staff  in 2008.

Toyota Closes Plant, Endures Further Attack from Obamathugs

Amid Toyota recalls, protest of auto plant closure – Sacramento Business, Housing Market News | Sacramento Bee.

Note that this plant was established as a joint venture between GM and Toyota, and Government motors will continue to implode.  A twenty hour per month helper for the CEO is not going to fix the problem of being run by the government.

Yes, Toyota could keep closing auto plants in the U.S.   Maybe they’ll shut down in all the blue states first.

You see,  Toyota  has noticed that the Democrats are Not Industry Friendly.

Whaddaya think was the first clue!!!

Pharmer’s hubby was getting the weather (only reason for checking the news these days) and mentioned a headline scrolling across the bottom of the screen:   Toyota boasting about saving millions by delaying recalls.   This was immediately recognized as B.S., as we are very familiar with what Japanese accept as proper public behavior.    So it was ignored, until seeing Tom Blumer  (an astute businessman) recognizing the same facts in his Newsbusters column, and kindly storing some nice references. Mr. Blumer concurs generally with the crew Down on the Pharm, that the owner of Government Motors is chopping up the competition in Chicago gangland fashion, and the worthless press is going along with it.

Sixty Minutes exhibits collective Palin Derangement Syndrome

In their segment on the hottest new Politics book, Game Change, CBS 60 Minutes failed to mention the hottest news…….. the racially charged comment made by Harry Reid.
This omission has become a fairly big topic of conversation among those who bother to watch television. Our pals at, who wear rubber gowns and masks while dutifully monitoring the media for us, reveal the Sixty Minutes verdict regarding who has the most influence on American life.

Yes, that’s right. The CBS spokesman told Fox News Correspondent Eric Shawn, that the 60 Minutes could not cover the Harry Reid comment in their story on Game Change. They had time only to cover the people who most affect thecountry.

Here is the 60 Minutes scorecard concerning who most affects Americans… based on the time allotted:

Clinton– –1:30
Obama—- 0:58
Reid———– 0

Enough said!