Some Leftists are Unteachable, They Must be Defeated Politically

Gingrich Slams Media on Limbaugh Focus.

With Extreme, brainwashed Leftists such as David Gregory, of Meet the Depressed, there is no compromise. This man has demonstrated that he cannot take in a new idea that deviates from his narrow template of memorized dogma.

Rush Limbaugh has provided a good deal of live air time for conservatives to express the real issue behind the HHS mandate, which has nothing to do with access to birth control, and everything to do with attacking religious freedom of pro-life people.

Click above and read Newt repeatedly explaining that women have easy access to birth control now, and that the HHS mandate is for the sole purpose of forcing religious people to violate the ethical tenets of their faith. Witness the unresponsivness of Dick Gregory, and evaluate whether he could be trusted to present any issues reliably.

This is an issue for people of any faith, since your religion could be next, at such time when it is found to be inconvenient to the aims of the state.

No viewing of Meet the Depressed was required for this article. You can monitor the media on the internet without wasting the time viewing it, and the accompanying ads.

Update: It’s always fun to see different takes on the media personalities and their modes of operation. The Anchoress has an idea that Gregory might be our man on the inside because he gave Newt his minutes of uninterrupted air time.

One of Pharmer’s more interesting radio interviews involved a host who asked the whole line of left-style questions on the pharmacist conscience issue, which is very much the same vein as this whole HHS mandate business. Pharmer did a similar thing as Newt did, and not for the first time. What added the interest is the call back from this man after the interview. His feelings were hurt by the way he had been addressed by yours truly. He said he was really on our side but was playing devil’s advocate. He had been addressed as the actual opposition.
This man seemed to feel that he had to interview as a leftie in order to have media credibility. Your Pharmer told him that he had been addressed in his assumed role, and he should view it as such.
Maybe these are our people on the “inside”. They do what it takes to stay in position. But maybe if they were not so desperate to be getting along on the inside, that “inside”, which carries so much garbage news, would no longer exist.

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Jerking the Old Media Around

Time’s Steinmetz Grouses About Way Alaska Governor Released Palin E-mails |

Ken Shepherd over at Newsbusters noticed some whining from the old media that Alaska Gov. Sean Parnell dumped Sarah Palin’s emails on them in printed form.

Call a Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaambulance !

There’s the suggestion that Parnell did it just to jerk the Palin hating journalists around.    If so, that’s hilarious.

But another reason is that electronic redactions sometimes don’t work.   In various programs you can copy paste a redacted document and the printed stuff under the electronically produced black lines will reappear again.

Toyota Closes Plant, Endures Further Attack from Obamathugs

Amid Toyota recalls, protest of auto plant closure – Sacramento Business, Housing Market News | Sacramento Bee.

Note that this plant was established as a joint venture between GM and Toyota, and Government motors will continue to implode.  A twenty hour per month helper for the CEO is not going to fix the problem of being run by the government.

Yes, Toyota could keep closing auto plants in the U.S.   Maybe they’ll shut down in all the blue states first.

You see,  Toyota  has noticed that the Democrats are Not Industry Friendly.

Whaddaya think was the first clue!!!

Pharmer’s hubby was getting the weather (only reason for checking the news these days) and mentioned a headline scrolling across the bottom of the screen:   Toyota boasting about saving millions by delaying recalls.   This was immediately recognized as B.S., as we are very familiar with what Japanese accept as proper public behavior.    So it was ignored, until seeing Tom Blumer  (an astute businessman) recognizing the same facts in his Newsbusters column, and kindly storing some nice references. Mr. Blumer concurs generally with the crew Down on the Pharm, that the owner of Government Motors is chopping up the competition in Chicago gangland fashion, and the worthless press is going along with it.