This Case Gives “Tickle Me Elmo” a Whole New Feel

Kevin Clash: Voice of Sesame Street’s Elmo accused of having ‘sexual relationship with underage boy’ | Mail Online.

A  Sandusky like scandal is  bubbling up for 52 year old Kevin Clash, the voice behind Sesame Street Puppet Elmo for more than two decades.

A 23 year old Man has brought forth allegations that Kevin Clash started a sexual relationship with him when he was 16  Clash admits to the relationship, but says that the sex started later, and that it was between two consenting adults.

After obtaining no positive result from complaints to Sesame Workshop officials, the accuser has lawyered up with  Andreozzi and Associates, who handled one of the complaints in the Jerry Sandusky case.

Clash has taken a leave of absence to defend his reputation.

Aren’t you glad we saved big bird?

UPDATE!!! Nevermind! The accuser now states that HE really was legal when he and Kevin Clash had whatever kind of sex. In New York, that means he was greater than 17 years old, and Clash was greater than 45 years old, at the time. Clash, the voice who made Elmo a star, is a divorced father of a grown woman, who states that he is gay, and admitted to having a relationship with his accuser. He remains on leave from his job.

We can be soooooooooooo relieved that middle aged Kevin Clash had the good sense to make sure that his young sex partner was of legal age, we still maintain that “Tickle me Elmo” now sounds a bit Nastaaaaay.

UPDATE! Another Lawsuit  A new accuser, Cecil Singleton is bringing a five million dollar lawsuit against Kevin Clash.  It is alleged  that the Clash  had been cruising on telephone chat lines for young sex partners and picked up Cecil when he was only 15 years of age.  The NY Daily News states that Sheldon Stevens, who made news earlier this month with his accusation, had been paid $125,000 dollars as a settlement, prior to recanting his charges.    He now wants to return this money and says that his charges are true. 

In the wake of the new accusations from Singleton, Kevin Clash has resigned from Sesame Street as the voice of Elmo.

UPDATE, Boy #3 This one is named John Doe.  He has started the manuscript of a book about his encounters with Kevin Clash, which he says began when he was 16.   One of the chapters of his book to be is: “Tickled my Heart”.   He has filed suit for $75,000 in damages.  Perhaps that will help him get his book published.    The boys are popping up like mushrooms.  No wonder Kevin resigned.

NPR Celebrates Secularist Change In Spain

NPR Plays Up Secularist Change In Spain, Misconstrues Papal Visit |

Matthew Balan  over at Newsbusters… reminds us why we abandoned NPR as a news source.

They attempted to cover a visit by Pope Benedict to Spain, and, being uneducated in world religions, gave incorrect background commentary, as well as excessive enthusiasm for the percentage of Spanish who have left the Catholic Church, or who know nothing about it.

Drop over to newsbusters and see what Lauren Frayer got wrong about Church’s address of the abortion issue in particular.

“In a rare move, the Vatican is offering to forgive women who’ve had abortions, if they confess at World Youth Day. They won’t be excommunicated, as is normally the case.”

NPR is wrong more than it’s right……  Excommunication for direct involvement in abortion proceedings is automatic. No one has to announce it.  The Church has made the means for ‘getting back in’ readily available for people who are repentant. The  notable address of  abortion at  World Youth Day was  to mention it as a specific reason for receiving the Sacrament of Reconciliation, which was also  made freely available there.

Off on Pharmer’s tangent we go!

What a BLAZING success  the so-called secularization of Spain has been!   We all want to be sophisticated and reach their level of decline as FAST as possible!  (That might be why Obama was elected.)

Spain is  one of Europe’s most Bankrupt nations.  And one reason they can’t sustain themselves is widespread  failure to remember the  procedure for reproduction.  Let’s get their population  figures…

Not helpful is  Spain’s decision to further ease restrictions on the procedure for getting un-pregnant, so that it is no longer necessary for women to claim the ‘health problem’ of “mental distress” to get an abortion.

Spain has a need to import people at a rapid rate to make up for this reproductive shortfall, and has chosen a extremely lenient immigration policy as  a means to sustain itself, thus incurring additional and immediate economic strain.

NPR CEO Resigns

NPR president Vivian Schiller resigns | Poynter..

It’s imploding over there at NPR in the wake of James O’Keefe and Co’s latest caper, embarrassing two top execs of the fundraising department.

Scroll down for the video which led to all this uproar, and note that it says .. “to be continued”.

It is said that James O’Keefe targeted NPR after the firing of Juan Williams
. One of his compatriots, Shaughn Adeleye was particularly irritated by that turn of events.

Inquiring minds want to know if the “to be continued” part of the video is leading to the rapid melt down.

Update.. Ron Schiller, the exec implicated in O’Keefe’s video, has given up his prospective job at the Aspen Institute, a ‘non profit research’ entity.

James O’Keefe Has Done It Again, this time to NPR

National Public Radio is undergoing some upheaval as senior executive Ron Schiller and Director of Institutional Giving, Betsy Liley have been featured in a video, lunching with two undercover members of the Veritas Project.
Posing as members of MEAC, a fake Muslim group funding education, (complete with phony website) two Veritas ‘agents’ proffer funding to NPR, and obtain all sorts of fun statements from the two NPR execs that would never have been offered up to the public under normal circumstances. The video ends with a “to be continued…..” so keep your eyes open for more.

Schiller, who is said to have already announced plans to leave NPR by May, has been instructed to leave earlier than originally intended by CEO Vivian Schiller (not a relative).

As Funding Cuts are being debated in Congress, NPR has quickly accumulated major Egg on its Face.

NPR: Lost in the Weeds (As Usual) on EllaOne

NPR demonstrates why its listenership is really low and it needs public support to survive.

New ‘Morning After’ Pill Works Five Days Later, Too : NPR.

“Paul Fine would like to stop seeing emergency contraceptives referred to as “morning after pills”, the story opens.

Well, those interested in accuracy and honesty continue to use that term, since calling it “contraception” is misbranding.

All of the morning after pills can operate by interceptive  (post fertilization) mechanisms to stop the life of an early human embryo.

Not withstanding the similar words from Dr. Donna Harrison, a representative of the ob-gyn physicians who DON’T make money by prescribing these morning after pills,  NPR plods on with the latest apologetics.

The interceptive mechanisms are explained away by stating that the pills sometimes don’t work and claiming that the failures are post ovulatory.    It is fact that both Plan B and EllaOne have extremely high failure rate,  but this is not adequate evidence against  the action of interceptive mechanisms, the likelihood of which the manufacturer admits in the CHMP Assessment Report.

In fact, the interceptive mechanism of EllaOne, a drug closely related to mifepristone (RU-486) is much more obvious.   Efficacy of the drug in stopping pregnancy stays the same, (or perhaps even rises)  when used during the entire recommended 5 day period after intercourse.

The morning after pill dose is about 0.5mg/kg in an average size woman.  This is considerably LOWER  than the dose required to stop ovulation  (seen in animal studies).  This latter dose is  closer to the embryocidal, or fetocidal dose.

Think of it this way:

ulipristal acetate 30mg EllaOne morning after pill   ———-> ulipristal acetate 120mg higher dose needed  to stop ovulation——–>ulipristal acetate 300mg higher dose to kill more developed  embryos and fetuses.

Therefore, doses  of  EllaOne can be accumulated for home abortions, and one can be certain that this will happen when this morning after pill is placed over the counter.

It will become  another tool  in the armory of planned parenthood  along-side the tele-abortions offered  (in Iowa)  using mifepristone and misoprostil.

Below are tidbits from the CHMP Assessment Report,  (European Medicines Agency Evaluation of Medicines for Human Use)
which is linked here, and on the sidebar of this blog.  

1) “Ulipristal acetate (17α-Acetoxy-11β-(4-N,N-dimethylaminophenyl)-19-norpregna-4,9-diene-3,20-dione, also known as CDB-2914, VA2914, HRP-2000 and RTI-3021-012) is a compound that is derived from 19-norprogesterone. It is a synthetic selective progesterone receptor modulator with antagonistic and partial agonistic effects at the progesterone receptor. It binds the human progesterone, but not the estrogen receptor3. Ulipristal acetate prevents progesterone from occupying its receptor, thus the gene transcription normally turned on by progesterone is blocked, and the proteins necessary to begin and maintain pregnancy are not synthesized.”

2) “In vitro, Ulipristal acetate binds competitively to the progesterone, glucocorticoid and androgen receptors, but has minimal affinity for the estrogen or mineralocorticoid receptors. Pre-clinical studies indicate that ulipristal acetate binds to the human progesterone, glucocorticoid and androgen receptors at approximately 6, 1.5 and 0.2 times the affinity of the endogenous ligands. The compound has antiprogestational activity in rats, rabbits and monkeys, with additional antiglucocorticoid and antiandrogen activity at doses ∼50 times higher than those needed for antiprogestational activity. Since progesterone is critical for implantation, it was thought that ulipristal acetate may have promise as a contraceptive agent.”  **

3)”The ability of ulipristal acetate to terminate pregnancies was investigated in the guinea-pig and monkey. Ulipristal, mifepristone and lilopristone were approximately equipotent at the dose levels of 10 and 30 mg/day in terminating pregnancies in guinea-pigs when the animals were treated on days 43 and 44 of gestation. Pregnant long-tailed macaques (5/group) were administered ulipristal acetate 0.5 or 5 mg/kg/day p.o. or 0.5 mg/kg/day i.m. on days 23-26 of gestation. Pregnant animals were assessed by ultrasound pretreatment (day 23) and then monitored on days 26-28, 30, 32, 35, 55, 80, 100, 130  and 145. At 0.5 mg/kg of ulipristal acetate there was no loss of foetuses, while at 5 mg/kg 2/5 foetuses were lost. When using intramuscular administration of 0.5 mg/kg 4/5 foetuses were lost in ulipristal acetate treated animals. In monkeys in which pregnancy continued and which were allowed to deliver normally, there was no evidence of structural or physiological abnormalities in foetuses.”

** note misuse of the word “contraceptive” for interceptive mechanism in tidbit number 2.