Sen. Rand Paul Blocked from Flight for Refusing TSA Groping

Sen. Rand Paul Blocked from Flight for Refusing TSA Groping.

The good senator is already an enemy of the TSA, and perhaps they were trying to show him who is boss by making him miss his flight to Washington DC.    Senator Rand Paul scheduled to speak at the big Right to Life Event in Washington DC, and vote in the Senate today, but his schedule was interrupted by the gropers in Nashville.

A scanner indicated a glitch at his knee, and  Paul lifted his trouser leg to expose the area.   But that was NOT enough.   The  TSA officials wanted to grope the rest of his parts too.   Rand Paul declined and was detained for some time.  After a subsequent scan revealed no problems,  the Senator caught a later flight to his destination.

This earned the Transportation Security Agency more bad commercials from Rand Paul’s father who is running for president.

Rand Paul himself has always opposed the over reach of the TSA, calling them  clueless for targeting six year old kids, the disabled and others who are obviously not terrorists.

Superbowl PLUS!

Routine items not allowed at Cowboys Stadium on Sunday | Sports | Sports News and Videos on t….

You’re going to get something EXTRA upon entering the Cowboy’s stadium on Sunday says the Star-Telegram:

“Everyone entering the stadium must pass through a magnatometer, such as those used at airports, and get a patdown as part of the screening process. The majority of fans will enter through checkpoints on the east side of Cowboys Stadium.”

Will Gloria Allred run out and buy a scalped ticket?

Say WHAT??

Cross-sex strip searches ruled unconstitutional.

Check out this majority opinion on strip searching, regarding a female patting down a male prisoner.

“The right to be free from strip searches and degrading body inspections is … basic to the concept of privacy,” Judge Johnnie Rawlinson said in the majority opinion, quoting an earlier ruling.


To Boldly Grope Where No Hand Has Gone Before

TSA’s  next frontier is the cavity search.  We need to be safe from the anal dwelling bombs.

As people become accustomed to “love pats” at the airport,  the TSA  employees will become bored, and feel a need to explore further.

Surely Janet Napolitano remembers that NASTY  old Eddy Murphy song  from the 80’s………

and you KNOW she wants to go there.     As you can see, asking people to remove their prosthetics,  and that includes you breast cancer survivors,    is not a problem for Janet and her minions.  People living with ostomies are also targets for the TSA gropers.

Janet’s theme song  (warning, it’s sicko)

So,  are we going to wait for CAIR and the Muslims to put a stop to this,   or are we going to make our government really busy until the TSA abandons this unseemly interest in our privates?

Opt Out of the Airport Scanners for Health and Privacy – We Won’t Fly .com

Opt Out of the Airport Scanners for Health and Privacy – We Won’t Fly .com.

A Tidal Wave of Americans have become displeased at the prospect of TSA employees learning about their  private physical issues, such as ostomies, penile implants,  various prostheses, and whether it’s that time of the month.

November  24th is national opt out day, your opportunity to decline the body scanners at the airport, by going for the pat down, or finding an alternate mode of transportation.

Be prepared for clogged airport security checks  during the holiday season as more and more people take the less convenient option of a pat down, and cork up the works.

As for Pharmer’s family…… we bought an RV.  No recreational flying for us is in the near future.  Maybe economic circumstances, or the availability of cheap RVs will help you make a similar decision.  Maybe the trains and buses will have booming business.

It won’t be good for airline business if people choose other modes of travel in order to dodge air travel as much as possible.  Maybe they’ll be inspired to lobby hard for changes in the Transportation Security Administration’s   flash and grope policy.

Worth a look: Blogger Johnny Edge gives Airport Security extra work to do.

Americans  should give our  groping government a fit……. Everybody wear incontinence products when they have to fly.

** MORE on Johnny Edge in the news.

Revolt Against Big Sis and the TSA

Come here, my little pretty.......

Pilots are protesting the excessive radiation exposure to which they are exposed in Airport security searches, and don’t appreciate the alternative of being felt up by agents.

Just before the holiday flying season,  Janet Napolitano will have to address increasing passenger displeasure over being punished for the crimes of others, with inconvenience and invasions of their person and effects.

After extensive  effort to educate children regarding their bodily autonomy, the kids  are expected mentally process a 180 degree turn and to sacrifice it for the privilege of flying.

And the Muslims………… whose errant ‘adherents’  provided impetus for all this search and grab, will be the ones who eventually bring it to a screeching halt.  Just you wait and see.