Which Republicans Said Yes to the Bogus Obama Fiscal Deal?

Below is the list of Republicans whobent over and yes to the bogus Obama tax deal.  Pharmer is pleased to see no Indiana names on that list of wimps and wusses.

The interesting name to see on this list is Paul Ryan.   Perhaps he is tired and wants to go home.

Obama used the fraudulent  fiscal cliff method as a final stab to the republican party, which will permanently remove it from power.

Conservatives won’t be able to get behind the people on this list.  Since the Republican establishment can’t tolerate conservative candidates,  it necessarily means that the Republican party will not be able to take the majority in either house, or  win the presidency.

They are finished.

House Votes ‘Yes’ on The Senate’s ‘Fiscal Cliff’ Bill\

NARAL Smearing Paul Ryan for his Pro-Life Views

Pro-Choice Groups Launch Anti-Ryan Smear Campaign.

It seems that Nancy Keenan is deathly afraid of Paul Ryan. He could possibly cut her income considerably, as he opposes abortion except to save the life of the mother.

In her utter panic, Keenan has claimed that Ryan supported a “Let Women Die Bill” (which never existed). She might be misrepresenting a bill that would prevent hospitals from being forced to do abortions. Keenan confuses this with preventing all hospitals from doing abortions. Maybe she’s taking meds which bring on early dementia? More likely she’s purposely lying again.

Mitt Romney Makes Nice with TeaParty by Picking Paul Ryan as as VP

Watch Congressman Paul Ryan rip up the Obamacare Budget and point out that millions of seniors LOSE MEDICARE as a result of Obamacare funding, as well as the double accounting that causes this problem. It’s why Obama can’t stand him, and a reason why the Tea Party thinks he’s OK. Romney likely has chosen Ryan for the purpose of attracting Tea Party support in the general election.