ACLU: Two More Pharmacies Refuse to Sell Morning After Pills to MEN

ACLU: Two More Pharmacies Refuse to Sell Emergency Contraception to Men.

The ACLU,  (defender of NAMBLA)  is so extremely concerned that men should be able to buy the morning after pill and  use it on their underage sex abuse victims, or on semi conscious date rape victims, or on their partners without consent.   Their mission is to harass and threaten any pharmacist who does not want to dispense the pill to anyone other than the final user, or those who wish not to dispense  it at all.

One right that the ACLU does NOT  defend is that of informed consent.

Planned Parenthood abortion clinics assist sexual predators

Planned Parenthood abortion clinics provide protection for child molesters, sexual predators.

Mark Crutcher has released all of his Planned Parenthood Sting Tapes in one place. Click above.

Pharmer has linked up portions of these on several occasions, but this is the BIG collection.

Life Dynamics did with audio (in a big way) what Live Action did with video.

You can hear it all at the link.  An actress portrays a 13 year old,  statutorily raped by an older guy and pregnant.  She got   anything EXCEPT  the proper advice and care from the abortion clinics she called.

Mark Crutcher told Jill Stanek that he called Planned Parenthood every name in the book, but couldn’t get them to sue for slander or libel.   Too much could be unearthed during the discovery process.

Pharmer thinks that Planned Parenthood won’t be so eager to go to court for awhile,  and will lay low,  for the reason that so much damaging stuff is now available to the public.

Some lefties might even  be smart enough not to accept planned parenthood’s campaign funding.

Pedophile ring spanning the globe busted up, up to 70,000 pervs in 30 countries involved

“When the Dutch administrator of the forum was arrested, he helped authorities untangle the site’s complex encryption measures, enabling them to identify other members.”

via Pedophile ring spanning the globe busted up, up to 70,000 pervs in 30 countries involved.

All of  the porn users on the internet should read the above quote several times.

The administrator of any kiddie porn site  could do the same to all his customers when he gets caught, in order to lessen his own sentence.  Since this “service” is so anonymous, it would be easy to do, with the least amount of consequence to his own safety.

The initial wave of arrests of this international ring  began with 182 members of the network, and 230 victims were rescued.  Thousands more arrests are  expected in the U.S., the Netherlands, the UK, Australia, Italy, Thailand and Canada.

This Bishop Finally got Mad Enough

to slap the media back..

Archbishop John G. Vlazny asks Catholic ministers to cancel Oregonian subscriptions |

He could have written a much stronger  letter to encourage the priests to stop their newspaper subscriptions, however.

Pharmer’s dropping this one on a few news sites.

Vengeance on the Pope for opposing Obamacare, and causing the USCCB to oppose Obamacare is a fresh  media blitz, dredging up old cases, with claims  that the guy who did the most to clean the LIBERAL pedophiles from the clergy, is somehow newly responsible for their offenses.

Par for the course for the ignorant media.

Who needs to pay for that recycled garbage??

The Dems are Mad at the Pope and Needing Diversion

This tactic is analogous to the leftist attacks on tea partiers for violence which they never committed. The vast preponderance of violence has been on side of the liberals. The teapartiers have staged the most orderly protests in human history.

Yep……. the Liberals revived this  sex scandal business, because the Pope pushed the U.S. Bishops to oppose Obamacare. Revenge and distraction, it is.

So how is this going to work out? The Pope is being castigated because liberals wormed their way into the priesthood, and did what they usually do, have sex with the underaged. The Church is not the Police, and that is not its job, but Benedict XVI, who has been cleaning house, will be attacked to the greatest extent. Liberals are now being pushed out of positions of authority within the church by the pope, for their participation in the sex abuse, and this is the backlash.

Meanwhile the Dems are clearly aiming to use our tax dollars to buy viagra for sex offenders, instead of punishing them. Too many of their relatives and friends would have been angered if they had accepted yesterday’s amendment to he Senate health care bill to stop that practice.

The media will keep telling the public that the Church clergy should break their oaths associated with the sacrament of reconciliation.
The psychiatrists will not be asked to break the trust of their patients. That matter will be moot, as the government will possess your medical data.

Taking the Leftist agenda most of the way down its road– there will be systemic rooting out of the Christians, and any other religions with sex restrictions. The government will have all your medical data, but this will not matter for sex perverts. Data on men’s purchases of over the counter abortifacients will be of no significance. Planned parenthood failing to report obvious abuse of children is not considered a problem to leftists. Aborting the resultant babies,and hiding the rapes are considered a good service. At the “utopian” endpoint there would be no such thing as a sex crime, with all women and children being subject to this abuse. Worse than the Taliban, the leftists are.

Dems support buying viagra for sex offenders

Tom Coburn opened the trap and the Senate Dems jumped right in.

An amendment to the health care bill was introduced to stop any funding for Viagra and like drugs for sex offenders, rapists, and pedophiles.

The dems, claiming this amendment to be a mockery of the senate and themselves, did exactly as was expected, and voted against it… thus supporting the funding of erectile dysfunction treatments for sex offenders.

The Amendment was defeated 57 – 42.

T shirts, commercials, bumper stickers and ads are forthcoming, to celebrate this pavlovian response.

Cochrane review: Morning After Pills

Advance provision of emergency contraception for pregnancy prevention ——– DOES NOT REDUCE PREGNANCY RATES in the populations studied.

However the reviewers  conclude that it should be available anyway.   (Child molesters need to have access to them).

The review claims….. studies compare  populations with prescription availability to populations with over the counter availability.

The review authors do not know how the morning after pills work, and therefore misbrand them as emergency contraceptives, as does the increasingly  useless US  FDA.

The Center for Reproductive Rights,  ever attentive to the needs of pedophiles, is encouraging the FDA to extend over the counter availability to minor girls,  though there is no data on effects in this population, and particularly the long term safety.   Trot over to Jill Stanek’s blog for that video and the rest of the story.