Secular Prolife Notices: Drexel Law School Official is Fuzzy on the First Amendment

Pro-Life News of the Day: Drexel needs a civics lesson.

There’s a watchdog group at Drexel Law School waiting for pro-life protesters to violate the First Amendment. Kelsey at Secular Prolife notes that the Bill of Rights puts limits on government, not individuals. It’s not possible for an individual citizen, (who is not in government) to violate the First Amendment.
Kelsey also reveals that Drexel law students can get pro-bono credit for helping minors use the judicial by-pass to get abortions without their parents consent. With this comes the info that their own local Planned Parenthood, down the road, failed a 2010 health inspection, for failing to adequately follow up on their abortion patients. (Remenber when Kermit Gosnell’s infanticidal atrocities and slimy clinic suddenly aroused Pennsylvania interest in monitoring the status at abortion clinics?)
Karen Pearlman Raab is the director of Pro-Bono Public Interest Programs. Here’s the web page of her program and her contact link is in the first paragraph. The Judicial by-pass Intake project is on this page, under Working with Youth.

Rural Hazards: Airborne Deer.

Elderly driver, 70, killed in car crash after severed deer head flies through her windscreen | Mail Online.

A drive down highway 830 near Reynoldsville, Pennsylvania resulted in tragedy for one 70 year old lady.

Bambi got hit by one car  and flew through the air, hitting car number two, which sliced it up.  Pieces of that deer  broke through the windshield of car number two, which then rocketed off the roadway, out of control.  That driver, Rosemary Bower, is no longer with us.  The driver and passenger of car  number one have survived and are not cited.

Pennyslvania, Illinois, Michigan, and Pharmer’s home state are near the top of the heap for whitetail dear road hazards.

Eat more venison!!

Sebelius tells Mennonite Insurer To Reverse Rate Hike

Obama tells insurer to reverse rate hike – Washington Times.

Up front, you should know that insurers don’t have to do what Kathleen Sebelius says, but are expected to publicly justify the increases on  The Everence report is posted HERE, and mentions that the increase is in response to three years of posting loses on that group of insurance offerings.

Health and Human Services, which can’t do math, is saying that the Everence Insurance company is using national data rather than Pennsylvania data to predict losses.    The company has jacked rates on small group plans affecting about 5000 people.

Why are insurers raising their rates?   With the economy failing, the healthiest people are the most likely to trim health care insurance from their expenses.  This leaves the less healthy ones, who know they have to keep coverage, still on board.  Less income, more costs.
We don’t need the government to control and ruin the health insurance industry. If those affected small groups hate the Everence increase a lot, they’ll shop for cheaper plans. Under the guise of regulating prices, the government is working to kill insurance companies, and force us into a one provider system.

Fake doctor Massof pleads guilty in abortion murders – Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

Fake doctor Massof pleads guilty in abortion murders – Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

Steven Massof, graduate of St. George University school of medicine in Grenada, and without a license to practice medicine in Pennsylvania, has admitted to severing the spines of over 100 babies who showed signs of life after abortion.  This was a technique learned from his mentor, which ensured  demise of the neonates.

Massof was employed at the (house of horrors) abortion clinic of Kermit Gosnell in Philadelphia from 2002 to 2008, for $300 cash per week plus $30  for each second or third trimester abortion.

Massof entered his guilty plea with no conditions on sentencing.

What about that ‘Executive Order?’ Abortion in Three States with Federal Money? – U.s. – Catholic Online

What about that ‘Executive Order?’ Abortion in Three States with Federal Money? – U.s. – Catholic Online.

Above is linked a primer to understanding the bogus Obama executive order to stop federal funding of abortion, and the three states which (so far) would have gotten abortion funding under obamacare, until they were caught out.

Cecile Richards, prez of planned parenthood is one unhappy camper now that the Obama administration has stopped the abortion funding to the Pennsylvania, New Mexico, and Maryland PCIPs.    She had been counting on the executive order to be as bogus as written.

The abortion bribe for Kenya remains, at taxpayer expense.  The US continues to export abortion vigorously to the third world.