Secular Prolife Notices: Drexel Law School Official is Fuzzy on the First Amendment

Pro-Life News of the Day: Drexel needs a civics lesson.

There’s a watchdog group at Drexel Law School waiting for pro-life protesters to violate the First Amendment. Kelsey at Secular Prolife notes that the Bill of Rights puts limits on government, not individuals. It’s not possible for an individual citizen, (who is not in government) to violate the First Amendment.
Kelsey also reveals that Drexel law students can get pro-bono credit for helping minors use the judicial by-pass to get abortions without their parents consent. With this comes the info that their own local Planned Parenthood, down the road, failed a 2010 health inspection, for failing to adequately follow up on their abortion patients. (Remenber when Kermit Gosnell’s infanticidal atrocities and slimy clinic suddenly aroused Pennsylvania interest in monitoring the status at abortion clinics?)
Karen Pearlman Raab is the director of Pro-Bono Public Interest Programs. Here’s the web page of her program and her contact link is in the first paragraph. The Judicial by-pass Intake project is on this page, under Working with Youth.

Abortionist Gosnell, the Disaster that Keeps on “Giving”

The disturbing  practice of  Philadephia abortionist Gosnell  appears to be a public relations disaster that keeps on giving.   Jill Stanek has sunk her teeth into this story, and is chronicling his many violations of  the minimum standards of abortion practice. She is now addressing the fact that  an outside agency (National Abortion Federation)  had observed  Gosnell’s unsanitary and unsafe  facilities, and failed to report them.

Pharmer would also like to bring up the fact that nearby hospitals had to be receiving Gosnell’s patients, and their ER staffs had to be aware that he was an abysmal practitioner.    Botched abortions,  incomplete abortions, infections, etc. all find their way into the neighboring hospitals, and after a time, the causative agent develops a negative reputation with police, paramedics, EMTs and emergency department staff.   One of the dampening influences which prevent such abominations from coming to the attention of authorities is fear of HIPAA sanctions.  Was this, (as well as the isolation of  other  hospitalized patients  from their social support system), an intentional thing, or an unintended consequence of HIPAA regulations?

Abortion is a self feeding system of negativity that drives standards of care downward in every institution that it touches.

People who  do abortions  represent the substandard of health care.   Abortion has invaded obstetrics and gynecology, and every institution which is touched by abortion has experienced decreased quality of staff and decreased quality of care.

Both abortion and euthanasia are cheap and easy ways to remove problems by eliminating the victims.   Innovation in medicine has been driven by compassion for people who suffer with certain disorders and illnesses.  When those people are killed off through abortion or euthanasia that impetus for innovation is removed. Additionally the killing erodes public trust in health care professionals.   The force of life and creativity is attenuated and humanity devolves.